1. lol nice attack on the ump chair today by Pliskova. Here are some historical meltdowns:

    Grrr! Karolina Pliskova bashes her way onto list of notable tennis meltdowns

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  2. Conners is my all time favorite but watching tennis was fun growing up in the McEnroe/Conners days.

    Lol. Going to end up going down the conners McEnroe tantrum rabbit hole tonight.

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    Originally Posted by resilient View Post

    goddamn I forgot Connors was playing still in the 90s, that is greatness

    "Get your ass out of that chair" lol

    This is the problem with our new technology... no call meltdowns. At least we still have clay.

    Yea. Was just thinking that there’s no way any of that shit would happen today cause technology.

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  4. Connors: "You are an abortion! You are an abortion!" loooll

    McEnroe was epic. People would watch tennis just for his meltdowns. The sport was big in America then.

    At least there is clay so we have some chances
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  5. I mean I do enjoy watching nadal/Federer play but it just doesn’t compare to those guys.

    Your a one eyed umpire today. Lol.
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  6. member when Jimmy and Chrissie Evert were engaged?

    and when Chrissie married Greg Norman for about a year?
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  7. I don’t but I feel like she was With a few different players.
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  8. Good times. Ya... I think chrissy married John lloyd from England too. Then was married to an Olympic skier but cheated on him with his best friend norman. I played a practice match against krickstein when he was about 15. Definitely one of the biggest forehands I ever saw. It was like a bb flying past you at the net. I only tried that tactic a couple of times... lol.
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  9. Fuck Nadal and Res
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  10. haha, sorry your wife took your testicles off with that last bout of sex
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  11. 100% worth it
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  12. I don't know if it's real but I like it
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