I know, last minute. But here is the thought.

Normal Yahoo league (H2H, playoffs). But it only involves regular OT posters and is free, because...

Each weekly heads up winner gets to pick the "penalty" for the loser:

Penalty 1: Loser must use an avatar of the winner for the remainder of the week.
Penalty 2: Loser must sign all of their posts for the rest of the week with something along the lines of PU_s
Penalty 3: Loser must end all of their posts for the week with a comment praising the winner.

At the end of the league year, Super Bowl winner gets to pick a penalty for everyone else in the league which goes from end of regular season through the Super Bowl.

Only request is that you be a regular poster in OT so that there actually is a penalty. Lurkers won't really have that much of a penalty.

And of course, it all has to be within P5's rules and regulations (i.e. cannot make someone post obscene avatar).

Sign up in this thread, and if we get 10 people, we will have the draft Wednesday night at 9 PM EST.