1. I think the Diego Corrales vs jose luis castillo fight in 2005 was the best... but i havent seen them all.

    Here is the 10th round... best round i have ever seen.


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  2. In terms of action, it was Ward-Gatti I and the 9th round was called the round of the century by Emmanuel Steward.

    But Castillo-Corrales I was almost as action-packed and the fight was contested at a higher level than Ward-Gatti (both Castillo and Corrales were pound for pound contenders), so my nod would go to Castillo-Corrales I as well.

    Here's round 9 from Ward-Gatti I:

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  3. The Ward/Gotti fight above came to mind when I saw this thread... just a great display of heart on both sides.
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  4. never saw this fight/round before... what a sick vid, sweet round.
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  5. Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Meldrick Taylor

    Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Roberto Duran

    Mike Tyson vs. Michael Spinks

    Mike Tyson v. Little Mac
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  6. Hagler vs. Hearns

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  7. no doubt corrales won that fight because he spit out the mouthpiece gave him much more time to recover.
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  8. Same thing came to mind. I ordered the Gatti/Ward Trilogy DVD online acouple of years ago and it is easily the greatest series of fights thatI have seen. It is almost impossibe in this day and age to see two prosstand toe to toe and just slug it out. You got De La Hoya andMayweather dancing around and they make $20 million, while these guysmake a fraction of that and fight like there's no tomorrow.
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  9. Hagler and Sugar has always been my favorite. The war between finesse and anger, the sweet science and the brawler.
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  10. the ward gotti triligy, and any manny pacquiao fight. pacquiao vs. moralez triligy. barrerra vs. moralez triligy
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  11. For the best fights of the LAST century, here's a great list. It's the Ring Magazine's fights of the year dating all the way back to 1945.

    1945 Rocky Graziano KO 10 Freddie Cochrane
    1946 Tony Zale KO 6 Rocky Graziano
    1947 Rocky Graziano KO 6 Tony Zale
    1948 Marcel Cerdan KO 12 Tony Zale
    1949 Willie Pep W 15 Sandy Saddler
    1950 Jake LaMotta KO 15 Laurent Dauthuille
    1951 Joe Walcott KO 7 Ezzard Charles
    1952 Rocky Marciano KO 13 Joe Walcott
    1953 Rocky Marciano KO 11 Roland LaStarza
    1954 Rocky Marciano KO 8 Ezzard Charles
    1955 Carmen Basilio KO 12 Tony DeMarco
    1956 Carmen Basilio KO 9 Johnny Saxton
    1957 Carmen Basilio W 15 Ray Robinson
    1958 Ray Robinson W 15 Carmen Basilio
    1959 Gene Fullmer KO 14 Carmen Basilio
    1960 Floyd Patterson KO 5 Ingemar Johansson
    1961 Joe Brown W 15 Dave Charnley
    1962 Joey Giardello W 10 Henry Hank
    1963 Cassius Clay W 10 Doug Jones
    1964 Cassius Clay KO 7 Sonny Liston
    1965 Floyd Patterson W 12 George Chuvalo
    1966 Jose Torres W 15 Eddie Cotton
    1967 Nino Benvenuti W 15 Emile Griffith
    1968 Dick Tiger W 10 Frank DePaula
    1969 Joe Frazier KO 7 Jerry Quarry
    1970 Carlos Monzon K0 12 Nino Benvenuti
    1971 Joe Frazier W 15 Muhammad Ali
    1972 Bob Foster KO 14 Chris Finnegan
    1973 George Foreman KO 2 Joe Frazier
    1974 Muhammad Ali KO 8 George Foreman
    1975 Muhammad Ali KO 14 Joe Frazier
    1976 George Foreman KO 5 Ron Lyle
    1977 Jimmy Young W 12 George Foreman
    1978 Leon Spinks W 15 Muhammad Ali
    1979 Danny Lopez KO 15 Mike Ayala
    1980 Matthew Saad Muhammad KO 14 Yaqui Lopez
    1981 Sugar Ray Leonard KO 14 Thomas Hearns
    1982 Bobby Chacon W 15 Bazooka Limon
    1983 Bobby Chacon W 12 Cornelius Boza-Edwards
    1984 Jose Luis Ramirez KO 4 Edwin Rosario
    1985 Marvin Hagler KO 3 Thomas Hearns
    1986 Steve Cruz W 15 Barry McGuigan
    1987 Sugar Ray Leonard W 12 Marvin Hagler
    1988 Tony Lopez W 12 Rocky Lockridge
    1989 Roberto Duran W 12 Iran Barkley
    1990 Julio Cesar Chavez KO 12 Meldrick Taylor
    1991 Robert Quiroga W 12 Akeem Anifowoshe
    1992 Riddick Bowe W 12 Evander Holyfield
    1993 Michael Carbajal KO 7 Humberto Gonzalez
    1994 Jorge Castro KO 9 John David Jackson
    1995 Saman Sorjaturong KO 7 Humberto Gonzalez
    1996 Evander Holyfield KO 11 Mike Tyson
    1997 Arturo Gatti KO 5 Gabriel Ruelas
    1998 Ivan Robinson W 10 Arturo Gatti
    1999 Paulie Ayala W 12 Johnny Tapia
    2000 Erik Morales W 12 Marco Antonio Barrera
    2001 Micky Ward W 10 Emanuel Burton
    2002 Micky Ward W 10 Arturo Gatti
    2003 Arturo Gatti W 10 Micky Ward
    2004 Marco Antonio Barrera W 12 Erik Morales
    2005 Diego Corrales KO 10 Jose Luis Castillo
    2006 Somsak Sithchatchawal KO 10 Mahyar Monshipour
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  12. in addition to the above mentioned fight. Rd. 10 was just as explosive. In their rematch round 3 was another great round showing the adversity of Micky ward this time. And their 3rd fight when gatti broke his right hand and continued the fight and throw the punch was pretty amazing. These 2 should go down as the greatest trilogy ever. Funny thing is...these weren't even title fights. Just pride
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  13. I would say the best trilogy, just for pure action, was Zale-Graziano followed by Ward-Gatti. If you factor in the stakes for which the fights were fought and the historical significance of the fighters involved, I would then have to go with Ali-Frazier, Barrera-Morales and Holyfield-Bowe.
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  14. ufc pwns boxing.
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  15. Yes, and Football owns Baseball. You're comparing apples to oranges.
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