1. post your favorites... i never get tired of this one. think it's the all time best personally.

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  2. oldie but goodie
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  5. still my favorite
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  7. Holyfield Steiner one.
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  8. Hate threads like this when at work and can't watch the videos
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    Originally Posted by tommpat2000 View Post

    Hate threads like this when at work and can't watch the videos

    i can watch them, but only on mute lol
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  11. off the top of my head, still laugh at these

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  12. This wasn't Sportscenter but i loved this when they ran it two years ago:

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    Originally Posted by Glo4m View Post

    i can watch them, but only on mute lol

    Have my headphones for iphone so I guess could watch but feels wrong, posting is ok while on hold or smoking I figure tho
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  14. I've never seen the GSP one but it's my new #1
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  15. FOLLOW ME TO FREEDOM!!! Charley Steiner fucking ruled.

    Got to include Charlie's best.

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  18. Only midway through but the NJ devils one made me LOL pretty good. Also, the No Words (while being not thread related) gives me chills. Hockey like #5 on my sports list too. Just good work
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  19. Y2K ainec.
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  21. still my favorite
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  22. love it
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  23. The one where Kenny Mayne, DP and Stuart Scott play basketball with the kids and are total dicks to them....

    I looked on youtube but couldnt find it.

    The Terry Tate commercial is awesome and never gets old.

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  24. that hockey no words one is sick, legit goosebumps
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  25. kind of like these too

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  26. love the pujols one and GSP
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  27. They have one from way back in the day with a song telling big men not to travel/walk. I was like 8 at the time, so it sticks in my head.
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  28. the gate is narrow
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