1. Where's the best place to go and get a happy ending??
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    It's on 13'th street Just south of chestnut, or Walnut. Right around there.

    Tell 'em Slippy sent ya!

    Thank me later!
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  3. Point of Order:

    The term "happy ending" applies only to a handjob received during a massage.

    If you get a handjob in a strip club, it's just called a handjob.
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  4. I no there's moo shoes and wishy washys down there whatever u call it. I was just wondering if there was a strip club that did that kinda stuff.
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  5. El Burro,

    I've tackled many a strip club, but do you just openly ask them for a handy? I just think that's kinda weird, unless she has some kinda lube (like her mouth). Let me know.


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  6. I usually just whip it out and see what happens. I usually get arrested immediately thereafter.
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  7. If you want to get a handy from a ghetto black chick... goto Wizards (actually it isnt wizards anymore, they changed the name) on 38th and Chestnut. It is located under the Chilis resurant. My buddy has blown a few loads in there.

    Also, try to go during lunch... they serve free lunch (cheesesteaks).
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  8. plz tell me u havent actually eaten there..that place is nazty
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  9. Show N Tell does that sort of thing...down on the bottom part of Columbus Blvd. The club is pretty ghetto, the neighborhood isn't, but they do it all there. It's also BYOB.

    If you're just looking for a strip club the best around is Delilah's, which is right around the corner from Show N Tel. Maybe start at Delilah's and then head to SnT after ya get horned up.
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  10. the chick on the real world is a stripper form philly, tell her i said hi
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  11. lol... no i havent. I actually went into that place once with my old roomates. They used to love that place. We went int there around noon and I got a beer and they asked if I wanted the free lunch (its actually just an Abners cheesesteak from next door), but i passed.

    Then i got up to use the bathroom and as i was walking to the john this thick black chick came up to me and put her hands out in the form of a cup insinuating for me to piss into her hands.

    eventhough she was joking, it skeeved me out and I left after i finished my beer.
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  12. i get skeeved out driving past that place..lol
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  13. delilahs has the best chicks but its topless only and is expensive as shit....wizards is shady I was there with my boy he was getting a lapdance and the chick got up and left a skid mark on his pants....show n tell is cool but the girls are nasty...just treat yourself to some Asian indulgence and go to 11th and sansom
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  14. which one?
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  15. Not sure if someone said this already, but if you go into Camden (Mt Ephriam actually), there is the best strip club ever. Fantasy Showbar. The strippers are all chlamidia infected (at the least), and will give a bj for like 20 bucks. Oh yea $4 lapdances, $1 admission, with a coupon on their website, $10 shower show where you can lather the classy gals for another $5 or so. If you are down for a raunchy bottom of the barrell experience this is your place...
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  16. lol, its open till like 7am, we used to go there in college, its not to bad, i would say 7/10 are bangable.... but some of the worst lapdances ive ever had...
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  17. I just want to get washed preped and fuked by the asians in philly where the hell do i go?
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  18. is Fantasy Showbar still open?
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  19. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fantasy Showbar, or "THE FSB" as we liked to call it in high school (I grew up in Doylestown)

    standard rite of passage on your 18th birthday was a trip there with all of your already 18 year old friends. pre-gaming in the parking lot with beer stolen from someone's garage, then you head on in and have your friends pay for you to be the soap boy in the shower show.

    what a glorious place it is.
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  20. Craiglist.com/philadelphia/service-erotic... Anytime
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  21. There is no way you won't find a washy-washy, but I don't know of any Addresses off of the top of my head. Just get within five blocks of Broad st. (south of market would be best) and pick up a City Paper. The washy-washys are typically located on the little streets (almost look like alleys) located between the bigger chestnu/walnut type streets, and there isn't a sign, just an address.

    But don't forget to start off at The Full Moon Saloon!
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  22. daydreams

    enough said
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