1. Buffalo's> Hooters .......as far as wings go anyway ...........dont they have clams too?
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  2. the hooters in northern ky on the river is the shiznit. I go there before or after every Reds game I attend
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  3. beer only.
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  4. Say its one of your buddies birthdays and <SPAN>embarrass </SPAN>the crap out of him.

    Oh, and always get extra wing sauce on the side, they are litteraly weaksauce with the spices.
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  5. spicy buffalo chicken sandwich is delicious IMO. be sure to sit near a tv though cuz at times the scenery isnt as good (when they bring on the B team).
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  6. wing house<hooters
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  7. chicken quesadilla and fish n chips are both really good.

    breaded wings with 3-mile-island are also a winner.
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  8. the answer to the question posed in the title of the op is "laid"

    end thread
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  9. beer and wings.... u seriously would order seafood at Hooters? Wow... more guts than me.
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  10. your right
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  11. The buffalo shrimp is by far the best thing on the menu!!!!!
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  12. Hot naked daytona style wings

    (and a bj from the waitress)
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  13. I think it might be just a St. Louis place but Syberg's wings are the best on the planet.
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  14. Until the end of football season they're serving a pot roast sandwich that's really damn good.
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  15. uh erection?
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