1. i have no idea what the numbers mean, what is average, or what is healthy, or whatever. i had mine taken yesterday and it was 140/100. she said it was a little high but that was pretty much it. she said i'm not in danger of dying if that was my concern. so what is normal and how do i lower mine? thanks
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  2. Thats high, but not life-threateningly high...exercise a few times a week and itll normalize.
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  3. 120/80 is normal for men
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  4. 120/80 is average, you're a little on the high side, but you can bring it down with a healthy diet, exercise, and no smoking or binge drinking, things like that. Just a healthy lifestyle in general will bring it down. GL!
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  5. i didnt go all of last week, but i usually go to the gym about 4-5 days a week and do 40 mins of cardio.
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  6. If you really go to the gym 4-5 days a week and your BP is that high, thats a problem. You'll probably end up having to take some pills. Thats really important to tell your doc that its that high EVEN THOUGH you work out 4 times a week.
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  7. well the night before i was at fenway and had about 15+ beers, had little sleep, and had maybe 1 glass of water before i went and got it checked. can this number get skewed after 16 hours of bad stuff to my body?
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  8. mother fuck...i just had a huge ass 4 paragraph thing typed up on hypertension and what you should do, and then I accidentally hitbackspace and my browser went back deleting the entire fucking thing.

    cliff notes:

    1) One isolated BP measurement is kind of useless. People's instantaneous blood pressure values fluxuate all the time. It is possible she caught you at a nervous time, or after you walked a couple flights of stairs. Measure it multiple different times in different situations (wal-mart, doc's office, etc) and figure out about where your avg is.

    2) > 140/90 is "hypertension". b/t 120/80 and 140/90 is "prehypertension", which is basically a way of saying you're getting dangerously close to being hypertensive.

    3) a BP of 140/100 wont' kill you tomorrow or next month. It is years of cumulative damage that high blood pressure causes to your blood vessels which hurts you. Hypertension is a major cause of heart attacks, stroke, and kidney failure.

    4) if you are "prehypertensive" diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications (i.e. no smoking, lower salt intake) is important to improve your bp.

    5) some docs start people that are 140/90 or greater on BP medications right off the bat, others take a wait-and-see approach to see if diet and exercise alone will help.

    Does high BP run in your family? If so, that greatly increases the chances that your 140/100 was a real value and not an aberration.
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  9. well, actually all the beer and no water dehydrates you, which can artifically LOWER your blood pressure, so it is possible that your BP is actually higher than the 140/100.
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  10. A number of different things would have caused that reading, if you do workout consistently and eat fairly healthy it may be lower. Did you workout prior to getting this reading? had you taken any medication earlier that day? Do you smoke and did you prior to the test?

    Good Luck
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  11. well im not sure if hi BP runs in the family, but i do know for sure that we have history of bad hearts and a lot of heart attacks on my fathers side. but i dont smoke, unlike the ones that have had heart attacks. i'm getting another reading next friday.
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  12. there is also a thing called "white coat hypertension" where people's blood pressure is raised around health professionals (I'm not making it up, lol!). You should also go into Walgreens or WalMart a couple times this week to check and see what it is there.
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  13. well i wasnt really nervous at all, the girl who took the reading is my good friends lil sister who i have known for almost 13 years. she is using me as her patient for her dental hygene test. and i'm not scared of dentists.
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  14. its not necessarily a nervous thing, its your body can act differently when it 'knows' its being watched/tested.

    also, there is always the possibility that she isn't taking the pressure properly.
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  15. I actually had high blood pressure...I think it was about 150/100 at one point.....My doctor actually has me takin 2 different types of medicines right now......One slows down my heart rate and another gets rid of my salt intake.....Having a lot of salt in your diet causes high BP so maybe you should try cuttin out salt along with the other suggestions givin by everyone else.....I quit smoking and now go the gym and my blood pressure is finally average...I think my last reading was about 120/73.....GL
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  16. Doctors should take a "wait-and-see" approach when it comes to prehypertension, but that is not what I see in practice.

    They'd rather write a script for Diovan or Lotrel, and then "wait-and-see" what happens.
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  17. That is a precursor to a bigger problem. Talk to your doc and see what you can change in your diet to correct it. If you already exercise regularly, you are probably predisposed to hi BP. But Mupp is exactly right, one reading isnt sufficient. To use a PD term, its too small a sample size.

    Mine was reading higher than that and I dont drink very often and eat pretty healthy. I ended up on pills. Take care of it without if you can.
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  18. geez, diovan and lotrel? why not the cheaper, proven, $4 a month meds such as hydrochlorothiazide and atenolol\metoprolol\propranolol?

    but I agree that lifestyle modifications should be attempted before starting meds in most situations (except people with diabetes and high BP, people with markedly high bp, people with kidney disease and high bp, and people with significant family history of hypertension)
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  19. $4 a month? Where you shopping, Walmart?

    Yes, a ton of HCTZ and the rest are also prescribed, but it seems that a lot of docs don't really care about the price that their patients have to pay for meds.

    I see patients come into the pharmacy daily with no insurance and a script for Levaquin (antibiotic). That stuff is 25 bucks a pill. There are clearly other alternatives that are more price-sensitive. Those kinds of docs piss me off.
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  20. Your fine man. Just monitor it and don't stress about it.

    I was living a semi-normal life averaging 188 over 118. My doc freaked and almost took me to the hospital. She gave some meds and made me lay down with the lights off. Seemed like a huge overreaction at the time. I now know differently.

    I take 3 diff meds a day and feel better than I thought you were suppose to feel! Only down side is me sausage feels like smashed tator-tots and doesn't work very well. ty cialis
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  21. yes, actually Walmart does have $4 per month scripts for many generics like HCTZ.

    It pisses me off that people do that as well. When all things are equal, why not give something like generic amoxicilin or erythromycin which are dirt cheap?
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  22. Ah, don't get me started on Walmart Mupp.

    Yes, they have $4 refills on generics, which makes them generally very busy. But where I live, their wait times for new prescriptions and refills are over a day.

    How can you tell a patient who needs an antibiotic that they have to wait until tomorrow to pick it up?
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  23. I don't write scripts much, as I am in radiology, so I don't know the pluses and minuses of different pharmacies. $4 is a heck of a deal, but in your situation above (the day wait for an antibiotic) the wait is not acceptable. But the day wait would be acceptable for someone refilling their BP meds..

    but we digress ;)
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  24. Im sure MUPP being a professional will totally flame this but I think everyones health is different individually. I can only use myself and my dad as examples. But if you were to take one look at me you would think this dude must have high blood pressue hypertension etc. But I dont . I as a matter of fact have always had slightly low pressure. My blood sugar levels are normal.. My dad is the same way.. Hes 56 and he just had a check-up for the first time in like 25 years. And theres nothing wrong with him. I mean we are both overweight and I wouldnt say we eat the healthtiest or even close to it. Especially my Dad who never eats breakfast and somedays only eats one meal a day.

    You see now your worried that your blood pressure is high. So thats going to make your blood pressure high.. See my point.
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  25. wow fink, i agree

    F doctors and their scare tactics

    ....or youve been genetically blessed, nah thats too crazy to be possible
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  26. I agree about individuality. My normal body temp is around 96 F. I almost died from an infection a few years back because my temp was just under 101, and docs who have 98.6 imprinted in their brains as "normal" thought my fever wasn't that high and I must be exaggerating how bad I felt.

    I hope they were happy when I showed up in the ER the next morning hardly breathing.
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  27. A dialogue exchange between a former pharmacist and a resident intern...

    What could possibly be more exciting?
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  28. Wow what a shitty walmart Pharm. If it takes more then a day for new perscriptions. sounds more like your doc is giving them probs. It usually takes less then an hr no matter what. Unless the doctor they are trying to call isnt answering.(my wife works at a walmart pharmacy)
    My blood pressure goes up when I get to work. I also sit at stage 1 hypertension until I get to work then it goes to stage 2. For some reason my docs havent put me on meds yet.
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  29. Even though it was mentioned, let's not start scaring dippydough here.

    My dad is one of the healthiest people I know, at the age of 65. Yet, until recently, he's always had "high blood pressure". His doctor finally figured out that he really doesn't.

    Think about it, where was your blood pressure taken, in a doctors office? Go there often? Is that where you relax? Do you often get tested to make sure your ok?

    My point is, these are things that most normal people will be put on edge, at least a little bit. That will show up as higher blood pressure. This is one isolated thing, I wouldn't worry about it.

    If it stays up there, that is one thing, but if you aren't overindulging (and I really don't consider a few drinks a couple days a week over indulging), you are probably fine. If not, there is plenty of time for them to fix you up, so I wouldn't worry about anything right now.
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