1. I dont know how to post videos so not sure if this will work


    if someone can tell me how to post videos I can retry this...
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  2. I opened that video just to give it a thumb's down.
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  3. Read "OT Confessions" pages 1-10 and you'll realize your brother in law's cousin is BEYOND fair game.
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  4. Didnt get thru it all does the lebron looking black guy end up rapping??? How bout the smart looking one puffing the marijuana
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  5. The lebron one doesnt rap in this song... and the maijuana dude is like a backup homey...
    BUT ATLEAST now I dont feel like an idiot telling my brother that this guy doesnt go too far...

    He played it to me and at first I kinda liked the beat... actually still cant get that out of my head... but this guys voice is all he got going... his raps arent "deep" and just seem like a bunch of white boy rhymes....

    If he put some time into it though and came up with some legit stuff his voice would give him a little edge because he sounds like he has that type of rap voice....

    NOW.... how do I embed a video?
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  6. Gave it a couple listens...it's okay, I guess. Lyrical content is meh...meta's are pretty basic (Spitting fire like a dragon/Hotter than the kitchen). Flow's a bit above average. I really like the beat, but besides that nothing here is really standing out for me.

    Originally Posted by kyleh View Post

    NOW.... how do I embed a video?

    In the reply box, there is an icon that looks like a movie-film. Click that, and copy/paste the Youtube URL in the box.

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    Originally Posted by kyleh View Post

    NOW.... how do I embed a video?

    You click the insert video box at the top of where you're typing. You paste the link into it and click OK. When you're done it will look like this:

    By the way I'm really not one to flame posts at all, but your brother-in-laws cousin isn't that good. I agree with Paki's post as the first thing that jumped out at me was the fire like a dragon line and I thought that's just so overused and easy. I really do like this San Jose snapback though so he's got that going for him.
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  8. Flame away,... I flamed my brother in law in person... lol

    He came to my house like we were bout to become millionaires off his cousin....and same as everyone else only things I liked were the beat.... and his voice.. if he wasnt so cliche with his lyrics I think he could be pretty decent... and he has been doing this for 5 years or so... I think he is 22 and been trying since he was 16 or 17.... and if he hasnt found IT yet I dont think he will

    I posted to get feedback on others thoughts just in case I was missing something
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  10. Song name is super original too
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  11. tell him to pull his fucking pants up jfc....
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  12. not bad. smart move getting a black dude to stand next to him for credibility imo
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    Originally Posted by norcaljeff View Post

    not bad. smart move getting a black dude to stand next to him for credibility imo

    Yup...except the Black dude's not sure he's feeling this either...peep 0:46. hahaha
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