1. Rule #1 on craigslist... if something has a price that seems too good to be true there is always a reason why.

    If it really is a $1.3K mattress why aren't they selling it for $700 or $600 or anything above $200?
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  2. On Craigslist though, it has furniture by OWNER and Furniture by DEALER, so if it was a dealer from a store that are just trying to move some mattresses at discount online, wouldn't you trust it???
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  3. This thread is obv a joke. A good one though.
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  4. I carry Spring Air at my store. They make a good mattress and they make some realy shitty ones just like everyone else. The average mark up for mattress and box spring is double. So if you are buying a mattress for 195 usually that means they paid $97.50. i can tell you for sure they have no matt's that cheap. the cheapest one that I get from them wholesale is 279$. I'm guessing it's a knock off or defective.
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  5. Ok so what about eBay then? There are some Factory outlet places on there selling mattresses? Is that better? Found out for like $550
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  6. I couldn't bring myself to buy a mattress on craigslist. Avoid IMO.
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    Originally Posted by Da Donkey View Post

    My buddy told me buying mattresses on Craigslist is the way to go...

    [ ] Your friend is wise.
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  8. My family owns a mattress store and my advice is if you are going to buy this bed put on a mattress protector (protects against liquids, bed bugs, ect..) and as long as the bed isn't visibly stained or soiled you should be alright. A lot of times people will purchase mattresses and have some sort of comfort issue with it, which is not covered under warranty, and be stuck with it. Therefore, it will be like new and they are just trying to get something for it.

    Just go take a look at it and if it doesnt look stained and doesnt smell bad, put a protector on it and you'll be alright. Personally, I'd sack up and buy latex or memory foam, you won't end up regretting that!
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  9. Oh and btw that Queen set is no way 1.3k.. 799 tops, but in all likelihood worth 499
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    Originally Posted by aj_law View Post

    [ ] Your friend is wise.

    this thread is a huge level.....

    i hope
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