1. I'm not from boston, but I need to know the cheapest way to get from Boston to JFK airport, NY, and its for tuesday so flights are little expensive.

    and sucking dick for rides isn't an option, that part of my life has passed.

    and someone told me about china town busses that are cheap as fuck, what are these?
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  2. Amtrak and then a cab to JFK. Well, technically cheapest would be to ditch the cab and there is an MTA bus that runs to JFK from the City, but I would rather fork out for the cab.

    EDIT: My bad I was thinking LaGuardia for some reason. Take Amtrak to NYC and you can take the subway straight to JFK. I've done it a few times and it's not bad, no need for cab or bus to JFK once you reach Penn Station. You want the round A line that says Rockaway (there is another A line denoted with an 'A' in a square that goes a different route) and you can catch it at Penn station. http://www.mta.info/nyct/maps/submap.htm
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  3. Walk obv
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  4. Greyhound? Rent a car one way?
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  5. One way Amtrak is less than $100, which is cheaper than car rental, gas, and tolls.
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  6. The bus from ChinaTown to New York City is only $20, but it is about a long four hour drive. But you'll have to find a way to get from Chinatown in NYC to the JFK airport.

    Try to purchase the tickets in advance, but there is an excellent chance you can just get them around departure time. This place is a booth that you walk up to it on the street to buy the tickets.

    My experiences with this have been fine, but this is the company that you always see on the news because one of their busses are on fire on the side of the road. Good Luck.
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  7. obv hitchhike and handjobs
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  8. walking, its free.
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  9. Hey chknpotpie,

    You got me curious enough to look this up.

    The site is FungWahBus.com, and you can even print out an e-ticket.
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  10. Okay, I just calculated, (not sure what time you leave so not sure which train would work), but train ticket is $84 from Boston to Penn Station, subway pass $4, and Air Tran is $5 = $93 (not sure what taxes would be on the Amtrak ticket). That's the cheapest way I know to do it other than something extreme like hitchiking. This isn't the most time efficient trip, though.
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  11. Do you have a unicorn?
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  12. Best answer yet...
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  13. hitchhike
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  14. rikshaw?
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  16. If you want cheap Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun both run buses from their casinos to Chinatown in Boston or New York and they are real cheap.. And taking the subway to JFK from Chinatown is easy.
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  18. fung wah bus from boston to ny $15

    subway from chinatown to jfk $2

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