1. No question we've been your bitch for way too long but also no question officiating decided two of those games instead of the players and that always sucks, no matter which teams are playing.

    Bitching about it doesn't change anything, doesn't gain any sympathy and isn't a good look, but it's cathartic damnit!

    I'm still bitching about the holding call against Higdon this year when he was tackled on a play action and UM still won that game. Bad officiating sucks.
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  2. What two calls are you talking about?
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  3. Of course you know I'm talking about THE SPOT, we'll be arguing that one till we die probably, but even besides that one, there is the big "sorry bout dat" from the big ten.

    Here's an article about why we probably shouldn't let Ohio natives officiate the OSU-UM game.

    Here's a nice compilation

    Like I said though, at the end of the day, we have been your bitch for far too long and this is just bitching. I only post this stuff because you asked. I'm at the acceptance stage by now and after we beat that ass in Columbus this year, the healing will be complete.
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    Originally Posted by B_O_K_E View Post

    You know how that looks when you complain about a few calls that may or may not have determined a outcome of 1 or 2 games when Michigan has been a complete bitch to tOSU for a long time? Ill tell you...It looks sad, desperate, and pathetic. (Nothing beats them Miami 2003 salty tears tho. Oh baby lol)

    With that being said, Ive been quiet about tOSU this year because I wont let Urban Meyer insult my intelligence anymore. I do hope (along with most people in Cbus) that tOSU makes the playoff and gets LSU somehow. Geaux Joe

    LOL. Everybody knows who the better team was in that 2002/2003 Miami game. It's not even close, and it took an unprecedented level of penalties on Miami for OSU to even be in the game. That doesn't even account for the Terry Porter ghost flag. Just stop.

    But yes, Michigan hasn't had the athletes or coaching that OSU has had for a long time. It is what it is. Doesn't change the fact that I'm right about the calls over the last couple of years. Deal with it.
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  5. Cant imagine not letting go of the "spot" call game. Thats literally a coin flip call that Michigan lost, cant blame the officiating. But you know what you can blame in that game for losing, the pick 6 from Speight, now that I wouldnt forget.


    No more needling.

    We are on to Purdue. (Bet the over 90)
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  6. I never understood why Michigan fans even complained. I guess because Harbaugh bitched they felt they had some sort of argument. You can clearly see he gets to the marker though. And despite Harbaugh whining I’d assume Michigan fans have eyes and can see he got the first down.
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  7. I'm over the spot game, I've accepted it's history, but when the big ten has to issue an apology it is what is, OSU needed officiating help to win. On the other hand, the other OSU got shafted big time in that CMU game. Again, it doesn't change anything to acknowledge that, I'm sure the Cowboy's fans still bitch about it though.
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  8. You’re claiming the big 10 released a statement saying the spot was bad and they apologized?
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  9. They said they missed an unnecessary roughness call they could have made and a PI in the first quarter.



    There was one egregious no-call, as bad a whiff as the officials had at any moment of this Big Ten season. On third-and-7 in the first quarter, Michigan's Amara Darboh got fouled twice on one play — defensive holding and pass interference — and neither penalty was called. What makes it worse is he was the intended receiver.

    Another no-call that went against Michigan came after Jabrill Peppers' third-quarter interception. Just as Peppers was being tackled, Ohio State's Mike Weber decked Michigan cornerback Brandon Watson, who was standing nearby, not involved.

    The whistle had not blown, so technically the no-call was valid. But Weber's action fit the definition of unnecessary roughness. It was a cheap shot, the kind of hit that could start a fight. Carollo downgraded the official who declined to throw the flag.

    Like you couldn’t over analyze every game and find some missed calls here and there. The only reason Michigan fans bitched is because Harbaugh gave them an excuse to dismiss realty. You can clearly see he gets to the marker. Without Harbaugh bitching nobody even remembers that spot. It’s a spot an offense would always get. His momentum got him to the first down and then Harbaugh acts like forward progress doesn’t exist. Like he doesn’t know the rules of football. you can tell he’s spotting Barrett after he lands with his argument in the presser.
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  10. In the 2003 Fiesta Bowl, the Canes only rushed for 65 yards and they turned the ball over five times. NFL talent-wise they were heads and shoulders above the Buckeyes but they did not play well enough to win.
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