1. So the city council has been hearing both sides trying to decide what to change about the strip clubs. The preachers and what not wanted no booze, no dances or contact allowed, and pasties. The strip clubs wanted the opposition to GTFO and leave them be to make money, pay tax, and operate their clubs. If they got f'd too bad they will sue the city costing an already broke city to spend millions fighting this crap.

    They just announced the rules will be dancers can't come within a foot of the customers, that's it. No dances.

    So now the preachers are pissed and the clubs are pissed.

    I'm not a big strip club guy but it seems to me they just killed the business.

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  2. pm bgx about the 3' rule
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  3. Damnit thats still 10 inches away from my peen
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  4. the money from the local economy needs to be better spent?
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  5. Ridiculous waste of time, energy and money by the city of Detroit so pretty much on par for them.
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  6. Orlando has a no contact rule. I haven't spent a dime in Orlando clubs in 10 years.

    Clubs in Cocoa Beach do not have that rule. I have put several girls through college over there.
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    Originally Posted by DBo Fo Sho View Post

    the money from the local economy needs to be better spent?

    So instead of going to the strip club people can go to the hookers, then the hookers go the dealers then the dealers buy more drugs and guns. It's a mess.
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    Originally Posted by DBo Fo Sho View Post

    the money from the local economy needs to be better spent?

    Thanks Obama lol.
    the downside is all the aspirig strippers who have been training since their first stripper doll (link not available at this time and all accessories are not included) will have to move to a more hopping economy and leave millions of jobs behind.
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  9. As if they needed one more reason not to move to that city.
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  10. all the strip clubs are on 8 mile really. One is downtown. Most white guys aren't gonna go to deep into the city for titays anyways. 8 mile is bad enough.

    A Hustler club just opened in Lincoln Park and there are a few by the airport. some in the northern burbs, but very few and not that good. Of course there is always canada.
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  11. detroit was the worst city before this. now they are just making a big gap between them and 2nd place
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  12. what city is worse than cleveland?

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  13. this is the worst thing that has ever happened
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  14. Paying off the cops to leave you alone if you own a strip club in Detroit = $250 a week

    I drove a cab in Detroit in the mid 90's, so I think I'm qualified to say that we should really raze that city completely and build something useful there. Unfortunately almost the whole city would be a toxic waste site because there has been a service station or gas station on most every corner in the city at some time in the last 100 years and the factories did anything they wanted for years. A major city has never been so fucked.

    The strip clubs by the airport are hilarious, some totally ridiculous places where they will call a girl to come in and work if a customer actually walks in.
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  15. They should spend more time on the pole to get ready for the olympics.
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  16. maybe the haiti reconstruction plan can be duplicated in detroit. a complete teardown and rebuild.
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  17. I assume the Detroit City Council members all invested their money in the Windsor Ballet companies before making this decision.
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  18. agreed with the tear it down and rebuild. its sad to see my home city just be a giant shithole, with a 2 square mile area being decent. Its such a sad sight when driving to the casino or a ball game to see along the entire free way burnt down houses and abondoned buildings like crazy. NO buisnesses want to move there so people leave and its just shit.. the city just needs to knock it all down and sell the land for cheap. Hell they are going to be 300 million in the red this fiscal year so might as well try and make some money back on land sales.
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  19. well played Dirty D.

    In a time when you are the brokest of a nation full of broke ass municipalities, its good to see you are working hard to REDUCE the city's revenue while also spewing money around fighting stupid battles and unnecessary litigation.

    You deserve every bit of fail that is the Lions.
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  20. man i love Myrtle Beach and their full contact strip hoints!
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    Originally Posted by mdshack14 View Post

    Ridiculous waste of time, energy and money by the city of Detroit so pretty much on par for them.

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  22. a travesty imo
  23. people can afford lap dances in detroit?? i would hate to see what type of girls they have dancing there.. surely the good ones have left for cities that actually have some money floating around...
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  24. Well, if they're allowed to be nude, they're still ahead of Grand Rapids, a city that's not allowed to have nude strip clubs of any kind. There's a couple of clubs where dancers dance in tiny bikini's and pasties, but I've never been...sounds lame and I haven't heard good things from other people. I can't imagine they do very well. One guy has been fighting the city for years to open a strip club and the city refuses to budge. G.R. is very conservative, they won't allow casinos anywhere near the city either. There's a church on every corner, however, and the city is run by a bunch of religious crooks. Go figure.

    The big winners are probably going to be Deja Vu, who have clubs in many of the other cities (Lansing, Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor, etc.) and that's where people are going to have to go.

    I've been to Deja Vu a couple of times when I was a lot younger, and it wasn't really that great...so I've never really seen the appeal of strip clubs other than going with your buddies for a bachelor party or something for a laugh and a good time. The girls all looked like drug addicts and hood rats. I can't imagine that Detroit clubs were that much better, but maybe they were...couldn't say.

    It's probably good people in a city that doesn't have much money can't blow their entire unemployment checks in 30 minutes getting a VIP dance from a stripper.
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  25. ^^^^^^^^^^^Cosign. He is so spot on about GR. I grew up there and the damn bible thumping evangelicals run the city. Theres not even good nightclubs there unless u count the damn 'Bob' which is ok but still LOL.

    As for Detroit, damn Kwame Kilpatrick. I think this stripper club mess is the result of all his corrupt practices and Bing trying in vain to clean up the city's image. Kilpatrick is even getting charged with Rico charges i heard soon. What mayor gets involved in enough shit to get charged with Rico crimes.

    When i was at U of M, one weekend me and my brother went to the casino and then went to a hole in the wall strip club on 8 mile. The dancers were totally nude but were 4's and 5's at best. Lap dances were only $5 and the no touch rule was defnintely not in effect at this club, but 'proceed with caution' were words to live by. I was content to just lick on some titties and smack some ass, but saw some OG's and wanna be rappers lap up the std infested snatch juice with their toungue and fingers at various times. Ahhh the D. What can u say.
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    Originally Posted by I_B_ON_THAT_KYRPTONITE View Post

    a travesty imo

    sweet song
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  27. no worries, hand jobs are still ok.
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  28. strip clubs are pretty shitty, but it is really fucking disheartening that people still care about adults looking at naked women and getting dry humped by them for a few minutes. I obviously disagree with cities/states not allowing casinos, but at least I understand the argument. this is just retarded.

    side note, but related: last week nbc showed slow motion video of a man dying, extremely violently, in prime time on a family show (the olympics). a few days later they apologized when they picked up the muffled audio of a coach saying "shit" while celebrating a victory. This country is fucking insane.
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  29. blah fuck that
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  30. I wasn't aware that Detroit was still a city, I thought the red wings just used the name to pay respect to what once was Detroit
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