1. Had a teacher in HS that had a huge bambo stick. He would fuck your shit up if you fell asleep in class or got out of line.

    He was also one of the most respected guys in our school. Dude was awesome.
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    Originally Posted by FenwayKing View Post

    anyway, nope, went to a normal public school and no physical punishments at all

    fwiw I went to public school when I got my ass busted with a board
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  3. went to catholic school through high school. there was no paddling, but in 3rd grade they had a fat teacher who, if you misbehaved, would put on her lipstick and kiss your cheek and leave kiss marks on your face. it never happened to me. that was a hell of a punishment though imo.
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  4. def never experienced any physically abuse in any grade level. Shocked that so many people did.
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  5. My grade 6 teacher used to throw chaulk at whoever was acting up in class.
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    Originally Posted by McBain74 View Post

    My grade 6 teacher used to throw chaulk at whoever was acting up in class.

    This happened in high school pretty often, but they did it with an eraser full of chalk dust so it left the marks on your clothes lol.
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  7. 3 pages and no dazed and confused?
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    Originally Posted by TMLMS13 View Post

    3 pages and no dazed and confused?

    I looked for a decent gif but couldn't find one in short order so stopped caring
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  9. they tried to paddle me one time in elementry school, but i blocked it with my bare hands, yanked it off her and broke it over her torso. they kicked me out tho.
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  10. Through the 8th grade, there was paddling. I was the good kid though...so only 1 or 2 :D Now a days, I suppose they would just talk about it in the office over a nice cup of coffee.
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  11. I'm surprised about how much paddling went on.

    Those of you that have been paddled:
    1) What state did you go to school in?
    2) What year(s) or decade(s) was/is it in?
    3) Until what grade was it a threat until?
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    Originally Posted by resilient View Post

    fwiw I went to public school when I got my ass busted with a board

    i also went from like '95 on tho :)
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  13. wacky

    mid '70's
    if i recall rightly, Lake Castle went to 6th grade at the time. i don't know if they still use the paddle.
    when i was in australia, in public school, the teachers could get pretty rough with you. that was the reason i dropped out after 9th grade.
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  14. guess which color represents states where corporal punishment is legal and which color is for states where it is illegal:

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  15. I got hit with the paddle wantagolf has a pic of. We actually dropped trou to get beat when I was in school. late 70s into the 80s. I thought Ohio did away with it sometime in the late 80s?
    Got beat once along with a few other friends for playing tackle football.
    I always remembered the beatings being more a shock instead of pain.
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  16. I'm not sure about that graph, qjuice. I know it's not illegal to spank your own kids in NC, as long as you don't use an "implement", it's on their butt, and you don't leave marks or bruises. It's not legal in our schools (public ones anyway) for teachers or principals to use corporal punishment.
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  17. I didn't fact check all 50 states, but it does claim to be accurate as of 2004
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  18. I was definitely paddled - grades 1-12 - private school in California, 70's-80's. if u sneezed outloud the nuns would whip your hands with a ruler - to this day I hold my sneezes in even though I know it's unhealthy, I'm too trained.
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  19. nope. teachers were too scared to paddle me.
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  20. they would always threaten me with it but i knew how to get out of trouble by apologizing and stuff (kinda like cartman) so they never actually did it. a bunch of my friends got whupped tho. this was in FL, im in my 30s
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  21. Yep.. Paddling went on in late 1979 in south florida schools, the exception was the Girls, some schools didn't Paddle the Girls.. others did.. and most of the ones that did paddle girls.. normally didn't Paddle them very hard.. Unlike the boys whom always got it hard,.

    when I attended a school in a predominantly African American area.. The black man Principal used paddling mainly on the boys and always gave the boys quite hard paddling’s.. the other school I went to the Principal didn’t paddle Girls.. Only boys and always hard too,. Anyways after sometime attending there.. I got to know this man a little better then the principal at my old school,.

    I found out one day and a few times afterwards that he also Paddled the Girls too.. After hearing one inside his office.. I didn’t know it was a girl until she came out.. And the sounds of the swats didn’t seem as hard.. Since I couldn’t see it.. But I knew the hard sound of the POPs when the boys were being paddled ,. Anyways she came out.. Wasn’t crying nor any tears or reddened eyes from it ... but she seemed a little surprised as if it had grabbed her attention more then anything else. A few other times I had seen a few girls just after this being paddled like that with more or less the same mount of force used on them,. Same results it got there attention more then anything.. NO Trauma or crying was induced from it.

    This made me think and wonder about the method and force he was Paddling the Girls with, I wondered if a Lowered amount of force paddling would be beneficial for some of the boys too,. Like I had requested to be done to me by the prior principle at my old school.. When I asked for one like that He aborted paddling me altogether,.

    Then One Day I came into the main office for something.. since the Ece classes were in a separate building that had its own assigned Ap over there. Two boys were sitting there... one of them I knew.. He’d been down in the Ece building and had teased me and the others down there,... but they both seemed to have a little anxiety about what was going on about them sevles ,

    So I went in to talk to him about what ever it was he wanted to know.. then I Noted on his desk he had out two information forms that looked like the ones used for Paddling’s,. He said .. Them two outside will be seen to soon,. He didn’t say what it was but I knew more or less ..

    Before I left.. I had a good talking to them both.. Especially the little joker.. I found out they him and his classmate were fourth graders.. I then told them.. There Punishment was going to be the Paddle’s Furry on there Rear Ends real soon,.

    The little Joker / Class Clown said, Oh No.. Not that thing again "the Paddle " .. I asked, Again?.. how long ago was it from the last time.. He’d been swatted ?,. the little joker mumbled something like two or three weeks ago.. For doing something like this.. He said it hurts so bad,. By then.. Tears were just starting to come from the two boys eyes,. I got tissues from the near by counter next to me.. Calmed them both down,. I then said, I’ll ask him not to Swat the two of you as hard then,. The second boy ask, What does that mean ?,. I said, I’ll ask him to reduce the force when he swats the two of you,...so it won’t be as painful as it was the last time.

    I took this as an opportunity to get not only .. One but Two Boys Paddled with more or less the same amount of force that was used when a Girl/s were getting paddlings with,. I wanted to see how they’d React from being paddled like that .. since I knew what the results were of a boy getting the standard hard paddlings,. and both boys had experienced it hard so far ... Pain, crying, and sore behinds afterwards

    By that time the Principle came out and had over heard the conversation,. I looked over to him and asked him not to strike them to hard .. Use the other prodical that is used on the other one’s.. He knew what I was talking about from a prior situation.. I had asked him to do it that way.. In regards to the boy "jacky" whom was so skinny.. He said.. Ok.. It’s going to be that way then,.

    I was getting ready to leave the little joker boy / class clown asked me, what about the Paddle’s furry,. With them both looking at me.. I said, I won’t be so furious like the last time.. It’s only going to sing and tingle bit,. The second boy said, will it hurt bad, I said, it won’t be overly painful.. But won’t be pleasant either.. Reassuring the Joker/clown I told him.. It won’t feel like its burning you like it did the last time.. Then I left,.

    The next day. I came across the two of them in the halls, So I asked them, How did it go yesterday after I left,. The Second boy said, It went down like you said it would ,. I asked the two of them, did it hurt a lot or not ?,. The Second boy said, It stung a lot ,... but wasn’t as painful as any of the paddling’s He or him " the Joker / class clown " ever had before,. The Joker / Clown said, It didn’t burn like it did the other times I got hit

    The Second boy said, Me nor Him have never experienced or felt a paddling like that before or anyone else that we know of .. But you asked him to do it the way he does it to these other ones,. But no one seems to know who these other ones are ,. But you know of them and how its done somehow ,

    I said, Ok first of all.. Your probably both curious because the two of you
    never had experienced a mild to moderate Paddling that was just below your Pain and tolerances before,. The both of them acknowledged that to me,. But they were still wanting to know who these others are or were .. That he’s Paddled like that...in that way he did to them yesterday

    I told them.. Ok.. Before I tell you two.. Who they are.. I just want to let you both know.. I’m not trying to be-little either of you or make fun of you,... Alright,. ?,. They both shook there heads in Ok/yes gestures,. I said, Ok the other prodical for the amount of force that is used on these other ones are.. The Girls of course,.

    They both look at me a little surprised and look at each other and one ask, We experienced what it’s like when the Girls get Paddled,...... and you asked him to do it to us that way,. And One of them ask me why ?,.

    I told them I don’t believe hard paddling’s unless its called for,.. Besides I’d had about the same experience you to had yesterday but at a younger age in 1st grade,... I later found out from my older peers at this private school,.. That she had used the same protocol on me that she normally used on the Female students.. Even had me get down on the floor hands and knees with my legs folded over each other ,. Ware as the older boys were bent over a desk or chair.. That’s how the others knew it was the way it was normally done to the Girls,.

    One of the two asked me if it hurt,. I told him.. It stung and tingled a little.. I wasn’t crying.. But she gave me a telling off afterwards too.. And told me that she could have swung the board much harder ,.

    They both then thanked me .. for asking him not to paddle them so hard as it normally would have been done.. Then they went to there class.. Which I did too..

    That kind of satisfied my curiosity about Other Boys being paddled with a lowered amount of force that doesn’t induce a lot of Pain .. Crying or Trauma,. And Plus Seeing the surprised expressions on there Faces when I told them they got hit with the same amount of Force that is used on the Girls.. AKA: They both got a Girls Paddling instead . Which I enjoyed having them both get it like that instead of the much more painful way,. Looking back at it.. I can’t see how that could have been harmful..
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  22. this be scary as fuck, aint no one should be hittin no one
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    Originally Posted by capt1 View Post

    Yep.. Paddling went on in late 1979 in south florida schools

    Maybe they should have been less focused on hitting kids and more focused on teaching them grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
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  24. fuck no... teacher def would have got fired and possibly arrested
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  25. that was a muthafucka of a first post. kinda like what i imagine bfactor would type if he were on 'ludes
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  26. Scene: Nameless Nevada Elementary School
    Grade: 6th
    Year: When paddling didn't get the teacher arrested for assault

    Me: Talking in class to a someone sitting next to me. (don't recall if it was a girl, but as a player, it must have been)
    Teacher: (directed at me) Stop talking!

    Me: (stopped talking...for about 30 seconds) Started up with whispers.
    Teacher: I told you to stop talking. Why are you talking?
    Me: I'm not talking, i'm whispering.

    Teacher: Come up here! (meaning the front of the class)
    Me: (stand up and walk to the front of the class) (I know what is coming, i've seen this before but never "participated")

    *(what is coming, in my mind, is the teacher will pull out his "whiffle bat paddle" and threaten me..but not actually do anything)

    Teacher: (takes out chalk and draws two circles on the chalk board and says to me) "Put your hands in the circles."
    Me: (facing chalk board) (place hands in circles)

    Teacher: (reaches over behind the desk and pulls out a yellow plastic whiffle bat.. lines it up with my rear end and...*WHACK*)
    Me: (removed hands from chalk board, turned around and stood facing the class for about [what seemed like an eternity] trying to decide if it hurt bad enough to cry)

    Me: I burst into tears and run from the room...out the door and find a place along the building wall to slump down and bawl like little 5th graders sometimes do. About 30 seconds later the teacher is standing over me apologizing profusely.

    The fact of the matter, it didn't physically hurt on bit. (i know this for sure but that's another story) I was crying because of the humiliation of looking at all my classmates staring at me and what had just occurred.

    Eventually, back to class...finish off the day and head home. The school had notified my mom of the incident.

    Later that evening, who shows up at my house to talk to my mom... the teacher.

    We are sitting at the kitchen table... teacher goes through the entire "ordeal" once again and at the conclusion... my mom looks at me and says..."guess you won't be talking in class anymore".

    I got even, I ran away.

    Oh...how times have changed.
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    Originally Posted by capt1 View Post

    Yep.. Paddling went on in late 1979 in south florida schools

    I find it odd that it was one of my two posts in this thread that you replied.

    I didn't even give the really dirty details of the abuse the schools used to hand out.
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  28. I've never been paddled I don't even think that's legal up here. I never really acted out in school anyways I always believed in showing the teacher respect. If the teacher was cool why fuck with him/her???

    My mom was a former English teacher and she used to tell me about some of the lil fuckers that she had to deal with. I could never be a teacher personally I would end up choking some of the students out!!

    I remember back in elementary school a friend of mine was heckling the librarian dude. He was cool he was some former arm wrestler dude I don't know why my friend was heckling him. Anyways the librarian dude almost snapped he grabbed my friend and shook him and told him it's been a while since he's beaten the shit out of someone. I thought it was funny because my friend deserved it. He never heckled him again!!!
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  29. Grew up in Ohio and went to a catholic school 1-7 then public school 8-12. Still have a scar on knuckles when a nun hit me with a metal ruler, bled quite abit, paddled all through HS, Graduated in 84. Unlike most in this thread I believe in a good spanking, close family members have been told if the wife and I are not present and our boy does something that requires a spank, go for it. I trust my family (would trust the school also) to do this as needed.
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