1. The generation that runs our country and laws are soo far out in left field its not even real. They are the reason we have so many problems. Our younger generation will turn this country around in the future. Shit like this puts me on megatilt how stupid peoepl can be in today's society
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  2. of course. We sell weed on Sundays too
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  3. In KY I guess it depends on the county because in our ass backwards state we still have dry counties down. Where I live they do sell beer on Sundays, not sure on liquor tho. It used to be you couldnt by beer on Sundays before 1pm but now you only have to wait til 11am. Always had to make sure to get our shit the night before if we were getting out early to tailgate for Bengals games on sunday.
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  4. in ohio yes
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  5. Wow...there might be a revolt here in Wisconsin if that occurred. Instead of going for a 2 hour drive, why not drive to the local tavern and purchase a 12 pack from them?
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  6. I live in Minnesota as well.

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  7. bars dont sell offsale like that here, y im familar with wi,i know they do that, but not here. but im back went to hudson.
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  8. LA, obv. also drive-thru daquiris ;)
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  9. MASS yes to both on sundays changed it a few years back I believe, they do have some weird laws where they cant sell beer, wine or liquor in grocery stores (except each chain gets like 3 stores they can sell in). Very weird MASS blue laws.
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  10. its soooo frustrating in Indianapolis... cant buy anywhere and 1.5+ hours to any borders.
    you can buy individual drinks at bars/ restaurants.
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    Originally Posted by LDM View Post

    can you buy it in a restaurant? by the drink?

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  12. Sounds very un-American.
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  13. Surprisingly some parts of Alabama do. As well as the restaurants
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  14. lol, there would be riots in the street
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    Originally Posted by dazedace View Post

    what is the point of not selling beer on sundays?

    Whats the point of any ass backwards law that was pushed into effect by the religious right.
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  16. If my state didnt sell alcohol on Sundays we would riot and overturn police cars.
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  17. Oklahoma , beer yes, liquor no
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  18. This is mindblowing that its 2010 and this is happening? How is this even enforcable? If someone decided to sell beer is eveyeon going to call the cops? If I were a distributor I would laugh and say seriously your wasting your time with this once said cops arrive. What do they charge you with? This is really absurd, some free country we live in. People need to seriously start rioting.
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    Originally Posted by Bob Futon View Post

    I went to college in CT for a semester and they did not. I transferred upon learning this. Dry counties and states are for tossers and shape shifters

    Born and raised in CT - and let me tell you - it sucked. Package stores (liquor stores) closed at 8 PM when they were open Monday-Saturday. But in college - you had to use this to your advantage. We used to buy a few kegs on Saturday and put them away until Sunday. We'd then go to other people's parties and let all the women know that we were going to be grilling on Sunday and we had a few kegs - so come on over. 60% of the time it worked every time.
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    Originally Posted by dazedace View Post

    what is the point of not selling beer on sundays?

    ummmmm.....to greatly increase beer sales on Saturdays?
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    Originally Posted by R_Webb18 View Post

    in ohio yes

    Confirmed! On my way for a case right now. go celtics.
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  22. sweet baby jebus, I thought not being able to get beer/booze after 2 am was bad. I go apeshit if the bar I'm at only has beer and you can't buy up for a whole day? fymflimmfo
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  23. why dont you just drive to your local bar OP?
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    Originally Posted by kdawg531 View Post

    why dont you just drive to your local bar OP?

    Seriously...wouldn't this have been much smarter? Not buying the tank of gas coulda bought you an extra 4/5 drinks at a restaurant/bar...

    EDIT--I'm in IL, and yes I can get any kind of liquor/beer I want on Sundays.
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  25. Yes. Pennsylvania. This only became legal a few years ago, I grew up having to go to Jersey to get beer on a Sunday...seriously, having to cross a state line to buy beer is wrong.
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  26. how religion effects any laws these days just blows my mind.
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  27. Georgia which is in the "Bible Belt" SO the answer is Obviously NO

    Originally Posted by SpankyHamm View Post

    and we had a few kegs - so come on over. 60% of the time it worked every time.

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  28. Jesus christ I'd fucking snap if it was nfl season
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    Originally Posted by z06fanatic View Post

    yea not selling alcohol on sundays is retarded...I guess its a christian based thing with church and all.....

    youd think by 2010 this would change

    ye sounds fucking retarded to me. there would be riots if they stopped selling booze on sundays in the UK lol
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    Originally Posted by Popperhead View Post

    Jesus christ I'd fucking snap if it was nfl season

    Funny part is I think there is a state (Mass. maybe?) that doesn't allow sales on Sunday EXCEPT during NFL season
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