1. hey i was jus sleeping and i had a wierd dream about my house gettin broken into..i was with my brother who does not live with me any more and we were guarding my house for some strange reason....all of a sudden 6 people came with knives and guns...i started to hit them with a bat but it seemed that i was incredibly slow....u knoe sorta like the same way you become slow all of a sudden when ur being chased. it seemed that nothing can be done to stop these guys.......finally i jus got myself to wake up...i woke up in a cold sweat and came on to watch the wcoop..was on here so figured id share this wierd exprience and ask any1 out there if they have ever had a wierd dream like this before?
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  2. I had a similar dream!

    Except in this dream, I was in my bed, and I opened my eyes, and there was a T-rex staring right into my eyes.
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  3. same stuff happens to me
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  4. yea crazy shit...when iwas younger id say about 5 or so i had occurring nightmares about chucky from childs play...i knoe he was a doll but to me he scared the shit out of me...anyway i had a bad dream that i was being chased so i ran into my moms bed....i said i had a bad dream and i slept the rest of the night with a mini baseball bat i found....about an hour later i had the same exact dream and i woke up screaming and then out of nowhere chucky came up out of my moms bed and said BOO...i didnt realize it was just all a big dream
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  5. In dreams, houses are symbols for our bodies. This makes sense when you consider that our bodies are the houses for our souls.

    This dream that you had clearly depicts your deeply suppressed fear of being gang raped by clowns.
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  6. LOOOOOOOOOL - at first, I was wondering where you were going with this post - VWP
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  7. the addition of clowns made me burst. np
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  8. trying to be serious about this post and seeing if ne1 else has ever had these kind adreams....btw i love clowns
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  10. people could come in my house and, break eveything, piss on the carpet couldnt tell the difference
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