fake blonde and fake boobys? or all natural
  1. see i take a look at some of the women that class as models nowadays..horribly fake blonde hair and GOD AWFUL fake boobs and to me its a BIG turn off..does nothing for me.yet with the amount of fake titty pics floating about OT im starting to think im the minority..so are you a fake or real person??? pics if u got em as to why :-D

    all real...ALL natural..now THAT does something for me
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  2. I agree 100%... sure I would bang one of those super fake chicks, but I really prefer a brunette with about a C cup who doesn't have an eating disorder. They are SFhot. Girls that don't need to wear much makeup are very +EV as well.
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  3. Quantum, you complete me
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  4. the feeling is mutual.
    If you're all natural that is.
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  5. Well I would rather a woman that is all natural even if she has like say 10-15 lbs added weight then what most people like

    I prefer a C cup or better... the bigger the better...
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  6. i owuld chop her down with no ?
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  7. when you get bigger than a C cup you will regret after 10 yrs of marriage, gg nice boobs, hello new swifer
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  8. I dont care if she is a dirty blond or not but I deff prefer real boobs and a little thickness! Red heads are super hot as well!
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  9. Hot Donna!

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  10. hair isnt natural but it looks like the rest is
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  12. 95% natural

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  13. I guess she looks OK in that pic but I don't find Lindsey Lohan very attractive at all. Why is she famous again?
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  14. lindsay lohan isnt in any of the pics posted so far that s keely hazzel in the op

    edit couldnt see your pic when i posted jtown

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  18. Looks like fake boobies slugger
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  19. so your point is?
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  20. I think there was a thread about this a while ago, and I said that fake boobs are fun to look at, but if i'm gona marry a girl I want everything natural.

    If a girl is lying about her hair color or size of her cans what else is she going to lie about?
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  21. I think anyone that doesn't like fake tits has obv never played with fake tits. I love natural boobies and all but I would take fake tits 8 days a week over real ones. And I'm not even a tit guy.
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  22. Fake tits my ass. If I can feel them, they must be real!!
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  23. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I hate fake boobs. They do nothing for me, I see them, and just think, yuck....

    As for fake hair color, it is harder for me to know if hair color is fake or not, so that doesn't bother me as much, but boobs, I can tell pretty easily.
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  24. Have played extensively with both and have to say it does Not matter to me either way. I love breasts in all sizes fake or real and have a blast either way.

    I will admit even though my breasts have not suffered much from giving birth, I will probably give serious consideration to getting some REAL GOOD, REAL EXPENSIVE and REAL NATURAL LOOKING AND FEELING implants!

    If this does take place, I promise to post skimpy bra pics in OT, and bare ones on wowswift.com for you all to rate!
  25. This post made my day.
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  26. we're gonna need before and after pics to compare
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  27. I agree, Mrs. Yogi I give you 10 mins to snap and post before pics.

    Chop chop.
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  28. just cause its funny
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  29. Well before pics have been posted before, but I promise to post them again WHEN I GET THEM DONE ;-)

    I will do side by side and front by front comparisons.
  30. pope she does nothing for you?
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