1. So I am sitting in my office and need to let one go...I fire it off and here comes one of my managers. Awkward?

    Being as though I am a Department Head, they will not say anything.

    Who has their own office at work and how do you judge your timing on "releasing information"?
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  2. If you hold it in, you will get cancer/AIDS or a combination of both, so obv u gotta let it go

    The worst place is in CHURCH...I've let some bombs off in church man they were brutal
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  3. My 7th grade Latin teacher taught us "'tis better to fart and take the blame, then not to fart and take the pain." Oddly, he didn't teach us to say it in latin.
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  4. Be smart man, get up and let it rip (silently of course) somewhere else and then go back to your desk after walking around for a minute or so. Or do it while at the urinal in the bathroom.
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  5. What is the point of being an executive in a national media company if you cant fart in your office? If I wanted to fart in the bathroom, it would take all the fun out of it. Its one of the perks, for gods sakes.
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  6. Shitting your pants whilst riding a motorcycle is a lot worse.Believe me..
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  7. LOL alot!!!

    I love statements like that that say "Boy do I have a story for you!".
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  8. A few years ago I was sharing an office with a hot recently graduated young lady. We were on very friendly terms. One afternoon after a great Mexican lunch the need arose. Without even a second concideration I let one go. I suddenly realized my folly and felt some slight embarrassment. As soon as I got the first whiff I knew it was a winner. I had to tell her that she better take a break and get out of the office. She took my advice and thanked me later.
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  9. Just do what I do at work. Jack the leg up, let it rip. Then point at who ever is closest and say." That ones for the ladies!" Then ya got to give the 6 shooter a few times.
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  10. Its a messy business.
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  11. i did it at work yesterday and didn't realize one of the waitresses was sitting down in the hotel lobby waiting for her ride.

    it was loud too
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  12. Today in my class a similar experience happened to me. I drank coffee in the morning, (which always gives me gas/makes me go to the bathroom) and i let one rip. Not more then 20 seconds later an attractive looking girl walked in and sat right next to me. She smiled when she sat down and then a second later gave me a wierd look. I in return pointed to the guy behind who had his head down. I was so embaressed but it all worked out in the end, I got her number.
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  13. ^^^Twat^^^
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  14. NH
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  15. I just broke wind right before I saw your thread! wait, there it goes again. I found it QUITE worth the risk and melodious at the same time. (like stealing a blind in poker). I leaned in slowly as the aroma pleasingly wafted upwards to my nose like a fine wine, surrounding me in a glorious symphony from the Wendys sensory pallete of delight.
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  16. nothing is better than letting a silent one, and then crop dusting the mfk'er across the office for all to enjoy!
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  17. i wonder what happens now that crzy lost his office in The Great Flood Of '07?
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  18. i aint scurred to let em rip ever dont matter where it is
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  19. lol @ hya.
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  20. i see no risk farting in this office

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  21. if you work really hard at it, you can learn to let a little of it go at a time

    when you do this, you never release enough for it to smell

    im a teacher and mastering this is more important than a masters
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