1. In the drinking game where you draw cards for seconds and the face cards are speciale cards (make a rule, question master, category or whatever) and aces are waterfalls. Anways we use the jack to indicate rules and my question is, what is your best rule that you make. I've got a good one, I'll wait to see if someone says it, lets here some good ideas:
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  2. the common ones like no pointing and no saying names always work perfectly fine for me

    and i just call it "Kings"
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  3. I have played that game.

    The best rule is the 'Question Master.' The way it works is to make the person who drew the last Queen into the Question Master. They get to hold onto the card until someone else draws one. And every time they ask any question ("whose turn is it?" "Hey jim can i see your cell phone?" "Do you need another beer?" etc) the person they directed it to has to answer in question form ("isn't it his turn?" "You mean this cell phone here?" "Do you want to go get me one?") and if they don't, they drink.

    Edit: And the best rule for all the rule cards is obv any one involving "when _________ happens, girls have to __________" Fill in the second blank with take off their shirt, make out with the person next to them, stuff like that.
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  4. we always played if you drew a red card you had to kiss the person to the right, left for black, assuming this is played with all girls. If not, then red means have to suck the dick to your right and black means you suck to the left.

    good times.

    we've all got stories
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  5. Mayor, question master is always my favorite card to get. Best is when you draw it, before you show it to everyone else act confused and ask the table what the king is, or if red or black is to pass out...gets em everytime, soon as they answer, lay down the queen and make whoever answered drink.
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