1. Brought to you by the OTRC:

    1. Bmclaughlin
    2. Wowswift
    3. 1.21 Gigawatts
    4. SaulGood
    5. BigGunX
    6. Mr. Blonde
    7. Murderer
    8. Clizzark
    9. oBOBCATu
    10. OcTan3 ipwnsippin

    These rankings are based on:

    - Post Quality (Good Post:Bad Post ratio)
    - Smartass Ability
    - Originality
    - Ability To Draw Responses to your post
    - Rankings are not based solely on threads created by posters but also responses to other threads

    In true OT fashion, the rankings will be updated whenever the hell I feel like it
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  2. Me > agriff
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  3. wait wtf
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  4. wow, 2 LMB'ers past me, still an honour to be in top 10.
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  5. we dont get to be in the rankings, OBJECTIVITY IS KEY!
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  6. oh, this is rigged then.
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  7. wowswift #2?
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  8. wow should have a lock on number one. she has the most popular post ever in her pocket for whenever she wants to use, she can always whip out the nudes and blow this category away
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  9. and when she wants to be #1 she will whip it out
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  10. I like being on the OTRC, :)
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  11. I think I'm waaayyy too high. I don't get many responses at all from any "original OTers" in my threads.
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  12. jasmith...as much as we go back, and all the smart ass posts I post daily I dont get recognition?

    I would like to join the cult and will help my fellow OT culters at whatever we need be
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  13. thank you all thank you. I thought voice chat would have knocked me down a few, but luckily most of you donks weren't there. #1 out.
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  14. who are you?
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  15. just to let you know...i am a member of the OTRC and i am easily bribed.

    transfers available on Dise and Stars
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  16. i will sell my 10th spot to those with the most money, gank you wanna be #10?
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  17. ditto
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  18. youre about to be replaced anyway after that gay ass soccer post
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  19. Remember that $20 mullet??
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  20. yes
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  21. I hate to rank anyone, and for the most part I'd agree with yours...there are a few in there I'd change, though.

    For example the #2 person...typing "LOL" "STFU" "GFY" "GET AIDS",etc, doesn't count as wit. She should automatically be out of the Top 100 for her negative wit equity. Basically, she's just not funny.

    I would also have to disagree with 1.21 Gigawatts' response. The only reason I don't respond every time to his posts is because I'm normally pissing myself laughing so hard. Same with Bmcaughlin. As far as wit goes, there is a ton of it in OT (minus Wowswiift), but as far as quantity of witty posts goes, Bmcaughlin is #1, 1.21 Gigs is #2. Everyone else is a distant 3rd.



    oBOBCATu and Clizzark=both gay

    Gambowler=gay for the Skins

    Basically, you're all gay.
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  22. and to think I gave you props in PD:

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  23. hahaha, thanks, i think. i can't tell if that's an insult.
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  24. i am truly humbled to be under 1.21 Gigawatts and on top of BGX
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  25. Wait, that would make me under both of you.

    F Roman orgies.
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  26. atleast your not under buckinator
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  27. Rigged.
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  28. I think that success in OT trnys should be a factor as well. That should derank SaulGood at least 4 spots.
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  29. poker skill is worthless in OT
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