1. So, the last time I was on an airplane (5 days ago) the flight attendant giving the speech went INSAAAAAANE-overboard balls to the wall crazy on her jokes/fuck-arounds with whatever the standard speech is supposed to be. I've been on a lot of flights, and so I'm used to them throwing in a few modifications and jokes to keep things fresh, but this one was like two thirds of the speech was fucking around and 1/3rd of it at the most was the actual safety information.

    Anyway, do your flight attendants usually fuck around on the pre-flight drill a lot? What's the craziest shit you've ever heard them say? Did any of them ever ask for someone to please ask them to marry them? (ours did, lol). These biotches are psychooooooooooooooooooooooo lolololololol
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  2. On Southwest this is standard, don't see it much on other airlines.
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  3. back when Independence Air was still flying, their preflight announcements were pretty much all jokes from celebrities that they played over the speaker system. one i remember was a sort of bickering between James Carville and Mary Matalin.
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  4. For 7 years I was in the air Monday's and Friday's every week, and Southwest was always the "jokesters" when it came to that. The worst airline in terms of friendliness was United Airlines. I've never heard them "propose" before, thats kind of funny.
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  5. In the event of a loss of pressure - masks will come hurtling down at you. After you stop screaming,take the mask and put in on our face. If you are traveling with a child, please place their mask on first to shut them up. If you are traveling with more than one child - please decide which child you love more now because you probably won't have time to put masks on both kids in time.

    We'll be coming around with snacks and drinks shortly. Once the pilots figure out what they are drinking, we anticipate having alcoholic beverages available for purchase.

    Both Southwest. And another reason they are most successful airline.
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  6. ive never understood the point of those speeches.

    if we run out of oxygen a mask will drop - apply it. if we crash you're all fucked.

    end of speech.
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  7. Well here's what goes on AFTER those speeches:
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  8. My flight attendants just smell me and ask for my phone number
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  9. did she ask you?did you say yes?
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