1. front page of tube8 I'll let the video do the talking.
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  2. im afraid
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  3. my girls got 2, ones called her bunghole
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  4. wtf??
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  5. dude thats friggin weird, I've never seen that or heard about that before. Seemed like the higher one wasn't fully developed because he couldn't get much in there
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  6. code name pussy galore?
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  8. didelphys uterus with a vaginal septum obv.

    edit: or a man w/ a weird sex change.
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    Originally Posted by MUPokerPlayer View Post

    didelphys uterus with a vaginal septum obv.

    GTFO with "DR." lingo..lol jk...youre an MU fan so I like you...good to see the boys get out of their shooting slump today eh?
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  10. ohhhhh thats why you said you needed 2 dicks
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  11. Whoa!
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  12. Link on wowswift plz?
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  13. vaginas dont talk
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  15. i enoyed it
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  16. i cant find it :(
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  17. It got page 2'd. Found it there.
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  18. Fake
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  19. double the horomones and bitchiness, no thank you
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  20. maybe she could give one to pokerbish and then they'd both have one

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  21. doubt that chick is real.No way in hell this is real
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  22. went where you said and could not find it. Page 2 might be scary so not going there either.
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  23. I just cant go and look for it. Not sure I want to see it. I love porn but not the freak of nature stuff.
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  24. blue dress titled "girl with double vagina" I think on page 3 now.
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  25. So wierd what if you went home with her and just stumbled upon that...
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    Originally Posted by addicted1234 View Post

    So wierd what if you went home with her and just stumbled upon that...

    I almost did one night. I was hooking up with this girl I had known for a few years. I pulled her shorts off in the dark. I reached for her pussy to give it a workout and that's when I had to stop and turn on the lights.

    As I scrolled her lipps out to insert a few digits I found her opening was where most, ok all, girls assholes would be. I was so bugged out I had to see in the light. To do her missionary I had to put her legs all the way in the air on my shoulders it was crazy. And yes she had an asshole too that was a little further up.
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    Originally Posted by buchiYAYO View Post


    almost certainly fake
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  28. <h2><span id=".22Double_vagina.22">"Double vagina"</span></h2> Main article: Vaginal septum

    As the vagina is largely derived from the Mullerian ducts, lack of fusion of the two ducts can lead to the formation of a vaginal duplication and lack of absorption of the wall between the two ducts will leave a residual septum, leading to a "double vagina". This condition may be associated with a uterus didelphys or a uterine septum.<sup id="cite_ref-2"><span>[</span>3<span>]</span></sup><sup id="cite_ref-3"><span>[</span>4<span>]</span></sup><sup id="cite_ref-4"><span>[</span>5<span>]</span></sup> A person may not be aware of having a "double vagina;" however, this is unlikely since it is highly visable from the outside and evident to the majority of women. If necessary, the partition can be surgically corrected.
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  29. hmmmmm this kind of disgusts me, yet im aroused.

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  30. Instead of DP does she do TP?
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