1. Google showed this off at their annual developer conference about a week ago. it's not a product yet, just a demo, but it got a lot of attention.

    and this guy put together a little more detail. longer video:

    it's a narrow use here. it's just scheduling appointments and reservations and stuff. and I'm sure they showed off the absolute best of its performance at the conference. no doubt it falls on its face often. but still, the way it speaks is very impressive.

    I'm the last person to say, "oh no the robots are conscious, they're gonna kill us and take our jerbs," etc... but it's something.
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  2. Man, those sex robots are gonna be fire.
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  3. That's pretty fkn cool.
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  4. Just an analog guy in a digital world.
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    Originally Posted by kellykip View Post

    Man, those sammach making robots are gonna be fire.

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  6. Will we be able to get fat robots to make us sammiches? I feel I’d enjoy that more. I want my robot to know she’s not quite good enough and better make an incredible sammich to compensate.
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  7. Surprised it took this long for someone to mention it in OT.

    Beginning of the end imo
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  8. I was gonna but I got lazy.

    this stuff is trickling down the product pipeline somewhat. they talked separately about making the regular Assistant, the one already on your phone and Google Home, more conversational. so instead of saying "Hey Google" and then a stand-alone question, it would go more like this...

    meatbag: hey google what time do the houston rockets play?
    overlord: the houston rockets play at 8 PM.
    meatbag: is the game home or away?
    overlord: the game will be played in houston.

    something like that anyway. so we can assume they have made legitimate progress in understanding.
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  9. Looks interesting I use Google's voice command every day to make calls and send text messages even set up reminders. It all works great and if they keep improving on it the future will be exciting.
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  10. Duplex, call my mother and wish her a happy mother's day
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    Originally Posted by kellykip View Post

    Man, those sex robots are gonna be fire.

    mm. i want mine to say "like" twice in every sentence.
    you da best Google
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  12. It's funny because there are a group of guys at work who want to get together and talk about writing AI code that could benefit our company. What I don't think they fully understand yet is, these massive companies with unlimited data are going to dominate the evolution of AI use cases because of their ability to train networks like this one with their data resources. The biggest life-changing AI solutions are going to come from:

    Google (as seen here) and the obvious unlimited data flow they have
    Microsoft - Office 365 and other cloud services
    Amazon - via data obtained from AWS and hosting services
    SalesForce - Just beginning to evolve their "Einstein" product, but with the massive amt of data they have in their cloud, I expect to see big things out of this

    These companies are going to make IBM Watson look like a Collecovision before long IMO and companies that invest too much in their own AI development will find themselves discovering that these other companies will probably end up churning out much more advanced and feature-rich versions of whatever they were working on internally.
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  13. obv you aren't gonna beat Google but I bet you can create some useful tools. agree that you can hardly put a price on the data they have stored. especially with the audio and image stuff.

    speaking of, hey Swerve how's all that going on your $4000 super computer?
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  14. If your robot doesnt do vocal fry, gtfo
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  15. This thing is gonna fuck up constantly and be awkward as fuck.
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