Gregg Doyel Wrote:

    From: Nick Colangelo
    Your attack on Duke is a disgrace and you should lose your job over it. Duke has never had a major violation in 30 years under Coach K's watch and is not going to start now.

    I agree with your last six words. Why? Because the NCAA will take a cue from your name, which is an anagram for -- swear to God -- "cancel looking."

    From: Matt Whitesell

    Name one thing Lance Thomas did that was in violation of the NCAA rules and I'll at least read your article.

    This incredibly stupid Duke fan started stalking me on Twitter. I ignored him. Sent him into a rage.

    From: Matt Whitesell

    I tell ya what a--hole, your journalism is f---ing garbage, you write about pure bulls--t. Go f--k yourself.

    I'm doubting this guy graduated high school, much less attended Duke.

    From: Matt Whitesell

    Shut the f--k up Gregg Doyel, you a d--k riding fa--ot.

    I'd hate for prospective employers to go onto Google and search the name "Matt Whitesell" -- just to make sure they weren't hiring, say, a homophobic cretin -- and stumble across this exchange. Maybe they wouldn't want to hire Matt Whitesell, after all.

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  2. That dude comes off like a huge douche.
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  3. Gregg Doyel is an assclown.

    and maybe we shouldn't stop the NQTW...
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  4. He may be a douche and an ass clown (can't say I remember anything he wrote except the story referenced by the Dukie fans) but he outplayed a couple of dudes (i guess) there
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