1. Before anyone posts any really good ones, I would like to
    say I wrote these ;o)

    I'm half black and half jewish, so I have an 8" penix, but I
    whine because I want 12".

    I'm half jewish and half jamaican, it's a good mix, kind of
    like bagels and dredlocks.

    My friend is half black and half japanese and every december
    7th he remembers Pearl Bailey.
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  2. awful.
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  3. crickets...
    uhhh..I think you should try yo mamma jokes.
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  4. sorry, only one bad joke topic per day.

    please submit your bad joke requests to:

    69 arctic lane
    polar ice cap, Greenland
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  5. Seal,
    I think the half black, half jewish joke should go like this.

    I'm half black and half jewish so I have an 8" penis but I only use 4"

    I believe that is more in line with the "jewish people are thrifty" jokes
    It is bad regardless but I think that is better
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  6. Hehe.

    Seal, trying to turn the young uns on to vaudeville/burlesque humor is having mixed results. I think the first one is pretty funny, though.
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  7. OK, I am half Irish and half Jewish and this is what I always tell people...

    I love to go out drinking at night but when I wake up in the morning i'm pissed at the amount of money I spent.......
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  8. what kind of messed up jokes are those?
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  9. Mine wasnt a joke......actually my life is a joke so maybe it was......
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  10. Tiger Woods is a quarter black, quarter dutch, quarter italian and a quarter white.

    He gets his natural talent from his black roots, his laid back temperament from the dutch, his passion from his italian side and the white roots lets him play on the course in the first place.

    A friend of mine is half German & half French...... What a wanker
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  11. That Tiger Woods recipe is so off.

    Google a pic of his mom and laugh at yourself.
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  12. The only thng tiger woods is half of is half a billionaire.....
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  13. What do you call a fat white lady running into a crowd of black people? Half and half.

    I didn't write the joke so no racism on my part but just as dumb as the others.
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  14. I am SO offended.... actually black guys love fat white chicks so a gangbang would probaby break out.....
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  15. Heidi Klum <span>is</span> a fucking porker.
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  16. Mad. Not all jokes are true stories. Sometimes they are just a joke. Although in saying that all blonde chicks are dumb ;-)
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  17. Well if she married seal then she obv has issues.....
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  18. Like not liking somebody like your shit-simple ass? Yep.
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  19. I'm half Spanish and half American and THOSE JOKES STUNK!
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