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    off frequently

    so when you lose the other team has to say we beat off frequently

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  2. Bowling Team Names

    Feb 17, ’06 1:57 PM
    Author lopolis Categories Absurd, Humor, Sports
    It’s almost as if there’s an unspoken rule that bowling team names require bad puns. Here are some bowling team names from my company’s annual bowling tournament…
    • The Lucky Strikes
    • Rolling Pins
    • Spare Me
    • Foot Fungus Freaks
    • Pin Pals
    • Ten Pin Wizards
    • Split Happens
    • The Thunderballs
    Proposed team names, but unused…
    • The Gutter Brawlers
    • Wholly Bowlers
    • We’ve Got Balls
    • Split Ends
    • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter
    Naming Your Own Bowling Team
    Are you still looking for a good name for your bowling team? None of the above team names suit your fancy? There are some simple rules you can follow to creating your own team name. First, start with a word related to bowling. Here’s a table of some of the most common bowling-related words and terminology:
    strikesparesplitgutterballpintenpinbowllanealleybo wlinggutter ballleagueframerollerfingershoesbeerIf you want to avoid a pun or play on words, you could simply pick one or two of the above words and put them together, adding an adjective for a little more pizzazz. Go for something with a good ring to it, or a little alliteration. For example:
    • Super Strikes
    • Crazy Pin Lane
    • Bad Ball Bowlers
    • Smelly Bowling Shoes
    You would probably agree that these are pretty boring. I highly recommend you explore the puns and wordplay. A good start is to think of a common phrase that happens to use one of the words in the chart. Simply reuse that phrase and you automatically have a bowling team name with a double meaning. For instance, “Spare Change”, “Going on Strike”, or “Alley Cats” are regular phrases that work well for a bowling team. In the original list, “The Lucky Strikes” and “Rolling Pins” both followed this rule of thumb.
    If you want to get even more experimental and want a more complex pun, you can try thinking of words, phrases, movie titles, or celebrity nams that sound similar or rhyme with bowling terminology. In the list at the top, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter” is amusing because it replaces “Butter” with “Gutter”. Or try swapping similar-sounding words in and out of a bowling phrase. Here are a few more ideas along those lines…
    • Gutter Bawl
    • Changing Lanes
    • Alley McBowl
    • The Mis-Splits
    • Gutterfinger
    • The Tenpin Commandments
    • Axis & Alleys
    • Split-finger Fast-bowl
    • The Pin Pricks
    • The Incredibowls
    Good luck naming your bowling team! Have you come up with any great team names? If so, feel free to add them below.
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  3. knock down whitey
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  4. bowling team names

    Here's the most complete list of bowling teams names on the internet:

    * The King Pins
    * The Gutter Gals
    * Lickity Splits
    * The Misfits
    * High Rollers
    * The Pickups
    * Spare Me
    * Split Ends
    * Holy Rollers
    * Hit or Miss
    * We've Got Balls
    * RTFB (Roll The Fuckin' Ball)..
    * Mines in the Gutter
    * Ten Pin
    * The Splitters
    * No 'F' in Strikes
    * Up Our Alley
    * Spare Us
    * Bowl You Over
    * Striking Power
    * The Turkeys
    * 300'ers
    * Delivery Boys
    * Cross Overs
    * Cutters
    * The Fast Lane
    * Framed Out
    * Kingpins* Kegglers
    * Huge Racks
    * Violations
    * XXX'ed Out
    * Turkey Buzzards
    * Scratchers
    * Strokers
    * Rollin in the Dough
    * Bowling is a Ball
    * Time to Spare
    * Down your Alley
    * Pickup Artists

    Awesome Bowling Team Names
    • Rolling Pins
    • Pin Pals
    • Thunderballs
    • Tails'pinners'
    • Super Strikes
    • Incredibowls
    • Arm Twisters
    • Bend it Babes
    • Turkey Quirkies
    • Spin a Ten
    • Alley Masters
    • Pin Busters
    • Alpha Omega
    • Spare Me
    • The Kingpins
    • The Hotsteppers
    • Curve Champions
    • Chitty Chitty Bowl Bowl
    • The Bowl Dancers
    • Strike 'em Lucky
    • Firebowlers
    • X-Men
    These were some of the best and popular team names for bowling. When it comes to bowling names, the sky is the limit and there is no dearth of names if you put on your creative thinking caps and add that tinge of humor to it. The better the name and the more everyone likes it, greater is the team building. Now here is more on some hilarious bowling team names.

    Funny Bowling Team Names
    • Gutter Ball
    • Gutterbugs
    • Tenpin Commadments
    • Alley Mcbowl
    • Spilt to Ends
    • We've got Balls (never used though!)
    • Pinheads
    • Turkey Pies
    • No Glory - Just Balls
    • Bow(e)l Movements
    • Ball Burners
    • All for a Pin(t)
    • Gals with Balls
    • The Pincheaters
    • Alleygators
    • Split Heads
    • Smelly Bowling Shoes
    • Fingers and Gutters
    • Banana Split
    • Booted Bowlers
    • The 'Ball'barians
    • Already Lost
    • The Crapbaggers
    • Hit with the Gutters
    • The Duck Tales
    • All Men no Balls
    • Rolling Stones
    • Overstuffed Windbags
    • The X Strikes
    • Read my Lips
    • Mis-Splits
    • Sleepers
    • The Hooked
    • Oil Rigs
    • The Crankies
    • Beer Bearers
    • Ball Breakers
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  5. Be upfront..."We are Drunk, and still gonna beat your fucking ass." It's long, but I think it will catch on.
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    off frequently

    so when you lose the other team has to say we beat off frequently


    this made me lol
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  7. When I was a kid my brother and I bowled competitively a lot.

    Since we were always on the same team we by the name "The Marks Brothers." (Mark being bowler slang for a spare or strike)

    Sooooooo that's my embarrassing story.

    As far as your team name I think you should just go with something extremely offensive. Like The Wife Beaters or The Plantation Owners or something that has nothing to do with bowling and just sounds crazy like "The Elephants With A Meth Problem" or "The Gay Labradoodles." Personally I like "The Elephants With A Meth Problem" cause it's like a team (of Elephants) but they have a single problem (meth). It really sounds like a strong team cause you all have one big problem, but you're dealing with it together.

    Or you could just go batshit crazy and name your team something like "Your Wife is Dead" and it'd be funny cause in the standings it would just say "Your Wife is Dead" and that doesn't belong in league bowling standings. Plus there's a chance that there's someone in the league whose wife really is dead and every time he goes to check the standings he's reminded of that. His life is hard enough as it is raising his kids on his own and the last place he ever thought he would be reminded of his wife's death was at his local bowling league. But yep there it is.

    EDIT: If "Your Wife Is Dead" is somehow deemed too offensive by your local bowling establishment you can take this idea but use its effectiveness in less offensive ways.

    Examples: "Your Son Wants To Go To Art School"
    "Your Father Will Always Be Disappointed In You"
    "Why Does Your Wife Need To See A Psychiatrist"
    "Your Daughter Pays Her Rent In Dollars With Cum Stains"
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    Reason: Your Son Wants To Go To Art School
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  8. The Jesus.
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    title says it.

    Its a beer drinking league so anything goes.

    Are there bowling leagues that AREN'T beer drinking leagues?

    The best one I ever saw was in a coed league, "8 balls and a split".
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  10. Mark It Zero

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  11. We were "Body English"
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  12. Giraffe dick
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  13. Turkey with a side of Crown
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  14. Our Balls Weigh 15 pounds
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  15. we give great head pin
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  16. FIGJAM (fuck im good just ask me)
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  17. One year our team name was Livin on a spare.

    Originally Posted by Superleggera View Post

    Mark It Zero

    fuckin love that part.
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  18. Pin Ball Wizards
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  19. Cant believe nobody suggested...........

    "Skeet to Pin"
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  20. Balls Deep
    Rolling Balls Off
    I would Like to Dip my Balls in it
    +1 Giraffe Dick, Mark it Zero
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  21. Big Black Balls

    assuming you're all of african decent.
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    2 in the pink 1 in the stink

    "Two in the blood one in the mud" is funnier/grosser
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  23. "arm pain.......from the bowling"
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  24. i was trying to find something funnier on the google so i typed in best gay buddies and i was horrified at what i saw.
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  25. Sofa King Ugly
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  26. 3 jerks and a squirt
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