1. the march issue of playboy features a hot high school teacher, these are her swim suits pics,
    wow i want her as my teacher, im to lazy to photobucket the pics in this thread

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  3. um this was about a year ago. Welcome to planet earth
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  4. Worth a repost in my honest opinion. :-)
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  5. she is in the <span>march</span> playboy edition obv i can't post playboy pics (hint hint)

    but none the less worth a second or third look
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  7. How many of these guys masturbated to their teacher? I gaurantee I have....i mean would. Or both.
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  8. OT Lightning poll :

    "ive got a boner" pic OR
    "im in boobie heaven" pic

    first to two votes wins
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  9. got a boner pic def
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  10. awwwww fuck it

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  12. ^^^^best pic ever
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  13. i mean this chick is hot and all but she def no PG22...

    talk about just smoking hot...
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  14. Great fake titties, but her ass is like a 12 year old boy's.

    I much prefer the air force drill instructor that recently posed. WOW what a body on her.
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  15. hmm i'm not sure I've ever seen a 12 year old boys ass
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  16. no n00dz?! GTFO
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  17. that's better
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  18. I must agree with BGX here, that ex-air force drill instructor was incredible.
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  19. She used to work at Saki Room in Delray and then my friend Steve hired to work at his fitness studio. Her name is Erica, and she is better looking in person. My friend Greg has hit on her approximately 4,237 times; no luck. He bought an ocean worth of sushi just to get more access.....
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  20. If she was my teacher I wouldve been gunnin it.
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  22. ummmm, another i got a boner pic please, she deserves 2, and i have no problem with her ass at all
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  23. Excellent!!
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  24. I would request her last appointment for parent/teacher conferences, and I would come prepared with an apple and perhaps even a banana :)
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  25. so is she a former high school teacher now? I can't imagine the school would keep her around after posing nude.
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  26. the link to the Noodz some how disappeared
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