1. This has two parts:

    1. Which state has the hottest women?

    2. Which country has the hottest women?
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  2. Cue David Lee Roth
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  3. 1) I've been to most every state and have lived in 9 states. Texas, by far, had the hottest women.

    2) I like South American chicks the best, but if you're talking sheer numbers, the U.S. has to be #1.
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  4. your post does not coincide with your title. these are two different discussions so please pick one and go with it.
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  5. Texas
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  6. cali...simply more of them
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  8. 1. california

    2. probably brazil
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  9. You know... if she lost a couple of pounds, she'd be all right...
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  10. easy question

    1. Texas

    2. Brazil
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  11. you're halfway there
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  12. south america is a nation? hmm.

    wheres that YouTube of the people on family feud yelling Africa! Africa!! Africa!
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  13. besides the weed growing out of her putang
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  14. never been there but i've heard wonderful things about texas girls

    suprisingly, i know a ton of hot girls from Arkansas, most are from the same town though and thats not a very large sample size

    Okla. and Kansas have by far the worst that i've seen.
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  15. you have obv never partied on on the campuses of UT, Texas Tech, Baylor, Texas State, SMU or TCU... or gone clubbing in Dallas...

    Texas girls > all - and it's not even close from what I've seen
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  16. States I think it has to be Texas or Cali if youre basing it on sheer #s and not some sort of hotness percentage. As far as countries, again if youre talking total number of hot chicks the idea of the USA being #1 is pretty flawed imo, it pretty much has to be China or India (and im not even all that into those types), but it simply comes down to a numbers game, and there is no way the U.S. has 3-5x more hot chicks then India or China, as a percentage of total female population. On the national level, if youre looking at it as a percentage of women that are hot, id put the US, Brazil, and Lebanon (middle eastern mixed with french so fine) at the top of the list.
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  17. no way man there are some fucking smoking hot girls in Oklahoma... some sororities at OU and OSU are fucking stocked... there are definitely some ugly people but you would have a hard time convincing me the girls in Oklahoma on average are worse looking than say Wisconsin, Michigan, Dakotas, or Idaho or somewhere like that...

    Kansas I am in full agreement... yikes
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  18. DuDuQueer, I said I like South American chicks the best...that implies that I can't differentiate between Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Italy, or China.
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  19. beautiful indian women are some of the hottest in the world. i like Finns though (been with one... brag post).
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  20. just as a percentage
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  21. Ummm, rp2829a....

    You say that the logic is flawed, but you're missing a few things yourself.

    1) U.S. is one of the Top 5 most populous countries

    2) Just because China is #1 and India is #2, a fairly large percentage of those countries live in poverty. Therefore, qualities that we find "attractive" such as nice skin, good teeth, and a nice figure aren't as common. Nah mean?

    3) The U.S. has a great blend of women. In the U.S., you can find any particular kind of chick that you find hot.

    4) I don't find Indian chicks to be hot, generally, so I'm not picking India.
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  22. State: Texas

    Country (former): Texas
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  23. if your selection process involves going to campus parties, then obv every state is going to look pretty good. i haven't been to many college parties where the girls were repulsive. maybe that's because you and i both went to the right parties.

    i mean, based on that, missouri must rank up there too, but i've seen the rest of missouri too... and there are a <span>lot</span> more FUCKING UGLY women in missouri than there are good looking ones.
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  24. the area i've shaded here is the extent of my travel in Oklahoma. so, again, maybe my sample size isn't large enough to make the statement that oklahoma girls are ugly.

    extreme NORTHEAST Oklahoma girls are generally nasty(although i did mess around with one that wasn't too bad)
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  25. sfpwned
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  26. Your points are valid I think, I guess my general point was just with a sample size of 3-5 times that of the U.S. it would be difficult for the U.S. to compete in total number of hotties. This obviously isnt a question that can be answered with any level of certainty, because it is incredibly subjective, like you I dont find women of Indian or East Asian descent as attractive as other types, but some people do, so there is no definitive answer.

    edit: basically what im saying is that in your line of logic the U.S. has 4 and 1/2 times as many hotties as a percentage of the total female population compared to China, and I really cant accept this just from a statistical perspective, regardless of my own subjective opinion of the hotness of the two national groups.
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  27. 1. Kazakhstan

    2. Kazakhstan

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  28. I love South American chinese food
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  29. it's not just college girls... MILFS everywhere too... trust me woman are just better looking there than anywhereelse I've been... but if you haven't lived there you wouldn't know, it's all opinions anyway...
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  30. canada or us for percentages....probably US for more #'s.

    i love latina's girls though..so Miami?
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