1. As some of you know, I was volunteering in Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics games. My position was that of Event Services on Cypress mountain. Basically, I stood around in the rain pointing to people where the bathrooms are, checking accreditation at some checkpoints to make sure they have permission to go where they want to go, helping the lines at the security checkpoints etc . The work itself was nothing exciting or important, but I was able to be on the field of play for the womens moguls, womens halfpipe and was also able to watch all of the mens halfpipe competition from the stands. (Yes , i saw White pull off his double mctwist 1260 right in front of me... yes, it was awesome).

    Now, to give you guys a bit of context, I applied 2years ago online to be a volunteer, I went through a phone interview, live interview in my city and was finally accepted. I paid for my own flight and also had to find myself living arrangements. In return, they gave me a blue volunteer jacket, some Vancouver2010 snowpants, a few shirts and some food while I was on shift (meals were pretty good btw).

    The blue volunteer jacket was basically a key to the city for those 3 weeks. Everyone was very respectful of the volunteers and they would go out of their way to help us. If I ever wanted or needed something from a stranger I would pull out the << Hi, im from Ottawa, i paid for my flight, i paid for my housing, I took time off work so I could come volunteer and stand in the rain at Cypress, do you mind if i sneak into this long bar line with you? >> Basically, most of the times I asked a stranger for something, they would help me out after hearing that line. :)

    My sister was also a volunteer and we were staying together in her friend's dad's house in Surrey. (it took me 3hours to commute to Cypress daily.. ugh) She was volunteer at Canada Place (the arena) and was able to see 8 games as a usher in the 100s level. To help give you guys more context as to my frame of mind on that sunday morning, me and my sister had snuck into LiveCity Yaletown to see the Deadmau5 concert. The place was a free outdoor venue that held concerts throughout the Olympics. The max capacity was 10,000 and on the day of the Deadmau5 concert, the venue was at capacity at 6pm , for the deadmau5 show at 930pm. Me and my sister were suppose to go check it out, but her shift at the arena finished at around 6pm. I was playing poker at the Edgewater casino and the plan was for her to come get me before going to check out LiveCity. I get a txt msg at 7pm from her saying : '' Livecity is full, we snuck in via staff entrance, try it ''.

    So i walk on over there, and see the lineup of people who were not going to get in running for more then FIVE blocks... it was crazy. I ask around to find where the staff entrance is and try to sneak in that way. Once I do find it, I realize my blue volunteer jacket isnt the same as the LiveCity blue volunteer jackets (although similar). Putting my poker face on, I walk up to the security people, flash my worhtless Cypress accreditation and they wave me in through the airport-style metal detector. I beep 3 times, having to take out and put my keys, my accreditation and even my coffee mug filled with rum on the table besides to scanner. They barely look at my accredidation (obviously cause they woulda seen its useless there) and wave me in! Wooohooooo, this jacket rocks.

    <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/QV8eiSA4vqc&hl=en_US&fs=1&"><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"><embed mce_src="http://www.youtube.com/v/QV8eiSA4vqc&hl=en_US&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385" src="http://www.youtube.com/v/QV8eiSA4vqc&hl=en_US&fs=1&"></object>

    Once inside the concert, my sister, her volunteer friend and myself form a <volunteer train> and shove our way to the front of the stage to mosh with all the 15year olds (lol). It was awesome, and once we left the moshing madness, some random dude yells << Gen, is that you? >> . Gen is my sister and apparently this guy had seen one of her blog or facebook posts and recognized her ! How random! (this is her blog of the games for those interested: http://2010redmittens.blogspot.com/ , its very well written and I recommend you guys check it out )

    Turns out his name is Jean-Marc, he is volunteering at the athletes village and also snuck into LiveCity at the last minute claiming he was << media >> . LOL i like his style :)


    Sunday morning, 10:30am. (Gold medal match between Canada and USA starts at noon)

    My sister, Jean-Marc and myself wake up in these random people's living room (we met them at 2am in a bar trying to throw peanuts into each others beers, and when the bar closed they invited us to keep the party going on their place.). Its 90 minutes to game time, and we call a cab to get downtown to find a place to watch the game, probably at one of the many many huge outdoor screen.

    On the way over, we talk and we agree that if anyone can sneak into the gold medal game, it would be us. I mean, the reason we are friends is because we all snuck into the LiveCity show , so we decide to give it a try!

    My sister volunteered at Canada Hockey place, so she had the accreditation and thought she could use that to get in via staff entrance. Jean-Marc was randomly given Sergei Federov's accreditation a few days prior, so he was gonna try to use that to get in via athletes entrance. All I had was my will power and a solid poker face :)

    So we get to the arena, and we are standing in front of the line of security tents with metal detectors. We wish ourselves luck, my sister goes left to the staff entrance, J-M goes right to the athlete entrance and I am left standing there wondering how Im gonna pull this off.

    These are basically the tents we had to go through, however they were neatly packed one beside another , with almost no room between them.

    Pacing around and analyzing the situation, I notice room between 2 of the tents, just enough that I could walk in between them. After thinking about it for a bit, I decide to not try to sneak between them because I cant see on the other side, and I cant be sure no one would see me pop out of there. Then, I notice one of the security tents has no one going through, so i decide to go there and try to talk my way past the checkpoint.

    As I walk up to the tent, I fake that I am on my cell talking, and as I get right outisde the tent, making sure the security people see, I stop and fake as if im texting. I close my cell and go up to the tent... I know that to get past this security, u need to show your ticket although thats not where they get scanned.

    Security: << Hi sir can I see your ticket ? >>

    FouTight, talking frantically << Hey, hows it going? Listen, my sister has my ticket and she works as a volunteer for Event Services here at Canada place. Ive been calling /texting her all morning and shes not answering her phone. I dont konw what the fuck she is doing, she knows she has to give me that ticket and now im afraid I wont be able to see the game >>

    -added some swear words in there to add to the sense of urgency/desperation

    Security: << Im sorry sir, you need your ticket to get past this security>>

    -banking of the fact that the security radios at Cypress mountain were not on the same network as the Event Services radios I say ...

    FouTight: << I know that! She was suppose to meet me out here to give it to me but she isnt answering any of my calls!! I dont know what to do.... can you call a Event Services supervisor who can then tell my sister to come give me my ticket???>>

    Security << Im sorry sir, we dont have access to Event Services from these radios! >>


    FouTight, still talking very rushed and stressed: << Well listen, if you can let me through here I can walk up to the arena and talk to someone with Event Services who can contact my sister >>

    SecuritY << Sorry sir ,we cant do that, but hold on a minute>>

    Security goes and huddles with other security people obviously talking about the situation.

    Security: << Ok sir, we will let you through here because you cant get in the arena without your ticket anyways, but we arent suppose to because a lot of people are saying what you said just to get past this checkpoint and then they go and sneak into the arena from the back entrance >> ** points to the supposed back entrance **

    - LOL she just pointed me to the back entrance

    FouTight: << thank you!!>>

    BOOYAH! I got past the first checkpoint. Walking up to the arena, in the general direction of teh supposed backdoor im thinking about what to do next.

    I get up to the arena, at one of the entry gates. Basically , there are 6 normal sized doors with a volunteer in front of each, scanning tickets. Behind those doors, is the concourse and I know all I gotta do is get to the concourse and then im home free. So I stand around, analyzing the situation a bit, trying not to draw the attention of the cops standing around by pretending to be on my cell/txting.

    After a bit, I identify the weak link: a old man and a young girl are scanning tickets side-by-side for their respective doors. I figure, if a big group comes in and I mingle in with the group, I can sneak in when they are both scanning tickets and I could walk in without being noticed. I tried this tactic 3 times, but each time I was clearly seen by the ticketers and would not have been able to get in. By this time, the game is starting so there wont be any more big crowds i could use to sneak in. I abort this mission, and walk back down the stairs away from those doors thinking my best shot is getting in via the back door.

    So I walk back down the stairs, away from the doors, and go sit on a small ledge to think about my next move. This above MS PAINT represents this situation. The gray spray-paint is a small ledge (about 2feet high), the green spraypaint is some plants/flowers, the black spray paint are extra gates that were added to for the olympics to stop people from getting into the back area without having to go past the volunteer who is standing between them checking accreditation.

    I sit on that ledge for a while, thinking about my next move. Its quite obvious that what i have to do, is step up onto the ledge when the volunteer is not looking, walk about 3steps to get behind the security gate, which would also be behind the volunteer where she cant see me, and then i could walk down the stairs and be in the <back area>.

    To pump myself up, I was also thinking that I always thought i could be a spy or secret agent of sorts. Im saying to myself '' Fou, this is the moment of truth. If you cant sneak into this hockey game, there is no way you coulda been a international super spy. This is the moment truth, DO IT!!!! '' After studying the situation, I know what I have to do. I swear to god, this was just like a level in the game COMMANDOS. Across from where im sitting, is a walkway with 2 security guards patrolling back and forth and also the volunteer between the gates. I figure out that the guards come around every 2minutes or so and the volunteer is doing her job by looking closely at the accreditation. What I will need is a group of 2+ people getting checked by the volunteer and the guards not to be there for me to make my move.

    Then it happens, as the guards turn and walk away I see three volunteers coming up to the checkpoint. THIS IS IT! As soon as the volunteers starts looking at teh first accreditaiton, i hop onto the ledge, walk a few steps behind the gate, and walk down the stairs going to the back area never looking back. Flawless victory!

    So now im behind the arena, walking around the outside looking for a door that leads into the arena. I dont find much at first, but eventually see a white tent that seems to be in front of a door. When I look inside the tent, i notice a big entrance (you konw, the entrances with plastic strips as a door to allow fork-lifts to come in and out). Theres no one guarding the entrance, so I walk in! As soon as im in, i get almost run over by a forklift that was in reverse, i nod to the driver and keep on walking in this warehouse-type place, not knowing where the hell I am going.

    After walking a tiny bit, I walk right past the players dressing room! The game is on at this point, and I am so close to being able to watch it! I am walking underneath the stands at this point... and walk right past the alley where the players walked from their dressing room to the ice. Looking down that alley, I see the ice and the back of Team Canada's players on their bench. There is NO ONE between me and the players at this point. If i had wanted to, I could sprinted about 30 feet and tackled the team canada players on their bench. Obviously i chose not do that and keep walking around looking for some sort of door that would lead to the concourse. I dont find any.

    I keep walking around, going past a lot of volunteers. At this point, there are some checkpoints i have to get through. I know that if anyone chekcs my pass at anytime im done for. So when I come up to cehckpoints (some of them were not guarded since the game was already on, so the volunteers were mainly looking at one of the many screens to see the game) I woudl pull out my phone and again put on my angry/worried face on. As I walk up to checkpoints, I start yelling in my phone

    << Gen where are yoU?? I cant understand you??? Where are you going??? What are you saying ?? Goddamnit GEN where are you?? >> Im saying tihs stuff pretty loudly and looking angry and directly at the floor. No one bothered me for my pass :)

    AFter walking around underneath the stands for 5minutes or so and not seeing any indication of doors that lead to the concourse, i stop at the dinner break tables for volunteers where alot are eating and watching the game. Im 30 feet away from the ice yet im watching the game on a small screen......grrrrrrrrrrrr

    After not coming up with a good solution, i start walking again and see a door that leads to a stairwell with <EXIT> written on top of it. I have no other option, so I go through that door praying I dont end up outside. I end up in a staircase... I go up 1 level and I am now at the 100 Level , with a door leading to the concourse right in front of me!! Only one problem... theres a volunteer checking accrediation. Damn. I keep going up another flight of stairs, level 200 , same thing, door but guarded. Level 300, same thing. I look up and the stairs keep going... so I go check it out and next thing I know im in a Captains' Lounge, with a bunch of guys in white suits walking around and a hottie <span>waitress </span>walking around with a tray of champagne or something. I stick out like a sore thumb with my blue volunteer jacket, so i go back down to the 300 level.... and then BOOYAH! The volunteer at the door is afew steps inside the concourse and talking with someone instead of guarding her door... also at the same time I see 2 volunteers walking towards the door so naturally i walk right behind them, nod at the volunteer guarding the door who nods at us and keeps talking!

    WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO finally in the concourse!!! I find someone who works there and I ask them the best way to get the 100 LEvel from here, he points to a staircase and I take it down to the 100. My sister had told me that section 111 is reserved for media and that there were 4 seats that were always free during the games she ushered. She told me it would be my best shot if i ever got it. I walk up to section 111 and the usher asks me wehre my ticket is.

    FouTight: << uhmm i dont have it, my sister has it>>
    Usher, looking at me in disbeleif : << Your sister has your ticket?>>
    FouTight, noticing and pointing to the 4 free seats right in front of me: << Yea, but my seat is right there! >>
    Usher, looking like he doesnt beleive me: << You dont have your ticket but that seat is yours?>>

    At this point, he aint budging and it obvious he doesnt believe me. I bail , turn out and look for a softer usher to hustle.

    I go to the next section 110, and this time decide im not talking to the ushers, im just walking in like I belong there. Plan works, I walk right in, turn right and go up the stairs beside the entrance. I squat down in the stairs, and watch the game a bit. I know I wont be able to stay there long, so I scan for empty seats. Obviously there are none, but I notice that between section 110 and 111 is a platform for all the TV cameras. I walk in front of a few people and sit my ass down on the corner of that platform, right beside the stand for a camera. The cameraman doesnt tell me to move, so I dont. Here I am:

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I snuck in to the Gold medal hockey game and how I was able to watch it from the 100 level!!!!

    And boy, what a game it was!!!! Here is what the place looked like after the golden goal! You can hear me screaming 'woooooooooooo' and also 'ship it' at one point haha
    <embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allownetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf?file=http://vid813.photobucket.com/albums/zz55/foutight/goldengoal.flv">

    My sister was not able to get in at all, and J-M was able to get in but got kicked out after the first period.


    - I coulda been a international super spy
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  2. tl;dr
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  3. duuuuude, hurry up and update!
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  4. First time I've been given blue balls from a dude.
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    Originally Posted by ilovescotch View Post


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  6. wtf you wrote 4 pages of back story but can't find the time to finish the last two paragraphs? gtfo lol
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  7. im working on a MS PAINT to describe the next step , im finishing it now dont worry
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  8. ok, im hooked ...... we arent going to have to wait till next week are we .... i hate those episodes ...
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  9. TBC??? but I know how it ends...
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  10. MOAR
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    Originally Posted by FouTight View Post

    will be updated shorty

    Im so fucking tilted right now!!
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  13. its up!
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  14. What an awesome fucking story Fou. That's something you're gonna be able to tell your children and grandchildren for years to come. sick!

    EDIT: Were your sister and that dude able to see the game too?
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  15. A++ story.
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  16. Very well played. Reminds me of when I snuck into the Slipknot/Slayer show at Red Rocks in high school only mine involved more rock climbing and fewer checkpoints.
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  17. it's all about acting like you belong where you are, good job.
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    Originally Posted by hoops886 View Post

    What an awesome fucking story Fou. That's something you're gonna be able to tell your children and grandchildren for years to come. sick!

    EDIT: Were your sister and that dude able to see the game too?

    My sister was not able to get in at all, and J-M was able to get in but got kicked out after the first period.
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  19. Good read, I've had similar adventures like this to sneak into clubs and concerts.
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  20. sister looks hot



    but good read
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  21. cool story bro ......

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  22. pics of your sister or gtfo

    other than that A+++++++++ on every level. just allsum
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    Originally Posted by Zwett View Post

    sister looks hot


    do want
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  24. Totally worth being late for work to finish reading this thread.

    A+++ sir

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  25. legit cool story brother
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  26. Nice Stephanie, very well played
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  27. That is fucking badass. If I weren't in Sydney for the game I'd be insanely jealous. Hell, I still kinda am. That was probably the best game I've ever seen and I can only imagine being there for it. Well done man.
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  28. thats a story to tell the grandkids when you are an old lad....wp
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  29. The sad part is after doing all that you had to watch a hockey game.
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  30. you have a great story telling ability! great story, feels like i was there haha
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