1. I am pondering whether I want to get accredited by the Better Business Bureau for my company, but I feel its just a waste of money. I own a specialized business consulting firm that mostly works by referral, but in the last week or so I have had a couple of potential clients ask me if I was BBB certified.
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  2. a speciaized business consulting firm needs accreditation by the BBB to gain clients? are you trumping up your business title?
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  3. Not as important as knowing that my poker funds are protected by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission...
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  4. It may look nice to see that BBB sticker in the window but it is really complete bullshit IMO. I would tell them to check with the bureau of consumer protection if they are concernd.
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  5. Not at all.

    People think the BBB makes a business "legit." All it means is that the business pays dues and will listen to complaints brought to the BBB from consumers. It in no way reflects how strong or ethical a business is.
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  6. I'd buy your product.
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  7. I have never looked into any business being BBB accredited. I would really only be concerned for major purchases like a renovation, but then I'd talk to the registrar of contractors or call dudes that I know.
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  8. I would say the referral carries far more weight than the BBB accreditation
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