1. Could be from bets on the game, could be from poker or other games of chance before, during, or after the game.

    ME: Lost $100 for Bears not covering, $20 on the coinflip. But came in 3rd place in a poker tourney at our party for $100, and won $25 on Stars in a turbo sit n go during half time.

    Net $5 for the day...except I chipped in $5 for the food. So evenz!!
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  2. Won $50 on game, lost $20 on coin toss and won $20 on taking the under on the national anthem.
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  3. 100 bux and I have to clean my house for a month based on a sidebet I made after the first couple possesions.
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  4. Won $50 on the game and then lost $15 plaing poker afterwords A2>A3 OBV
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  5. won $500 on game

    lost $100 in props

    lost $100 at poker tourney
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  6. lost $100 on those f'ing bears
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  7. Summary of my bets:

    Lost $25 on highest scoring QTR...(I had 3rd QTR at +300)

    Lost $25 on highest scoring QTR...(I had a 2 or more way tie for +350)

    Lost $50 Indy -4 first half with Utterczar

    Won $50 on total points U 10 in 3rd QTR with Utterczar

    Won $100 on Colts -7 for the game with Utterczar

    Lost $100 on Peyton Manning's completion % on the game being between 50.5 and 60.5 (+220)

    Won $200 on Manning's completion % on the game being between 60.5 and 70.5 (+200)

    Lost $50 on the Bears +7 made on Bodog earlier in the week (before the bet with Utterczar)

    Won $100 on Colts -2.5 in total 1st downs for the game. (paid even money)

    So, won a total of $200 placing a few small bets.
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  8. Everyone will be checking this thread for sbjohn post
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  9. Won $150 on a square for the end of the 3rd quarter score

    (I had Colts 2 Bears 7 so I was screaming for them to kick the field goal at the end would of won me $500)

    Then I won another $65 with bets with buddies all by taking -7.5.

    All in all Solid night capped off with the trophY!!
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  10. lol
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  11. Never could develop a feel for the game, didn't wager.
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  12. lost 100, shoulda bought a fathead (lol)
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  13. I equaled the most I had ever thrown on a game on the Under and I still can't believe it hit.

    Also, profited $250 on the rest of my bets winning - Wayne to score TD, Peyton Under 273.5, Clark not to score TD,

    lost - muhammed mvp, muhammed over 3.5 catches, bethea first int, ogunleye first sack, wayne first td, rhodes under 2.5 yds/attempt

    lost $50 on those squares that everyone does for super bowl

    and won $701 on colts at +601 to win the super bowl around week 5
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  14. I won $60 from a friend who bet me the Bears would win.
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  15. Ya you couldn't have been happy with Manning's total yardage at the half, or the under.

    nice job man. We'll drink to that.
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  16. lost $150 playing poker
    won 20$ on game
    won $5k on coinflip
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  17. The coinflip was the easiest bet of the game obv, no wonder pokerjamed loaded up heavy on it.
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  18. won $100 from bdubs3737 on the game
    and +350 or so from poker

    nice lil sunday
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  19. redsox that is crazy - I won my third quarter square as well and needed the FG to win the 4th quarter too!
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  20. + $100 on Thomas Jones over 80 yards rushing
    - $100 Rex Grossman throwing INT before a TD (how the fuck does that happen)

    Broke even
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  21. +150 poker even tho i donked outa my last 4 sngs near bubble. Serious sports betting aint my thing.
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  22. Same here. + $1,200 in poker.
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  23. I won 5 bucks from my dad.
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  24. -$2300 in sunday buy-ins

    +1k on Colts -7 (ev)
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  25. +$50.0 but I owed a buddy money so now I just owe me less
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  26. + 1000 dollars on free superbowl bracket that my apart complex held...i picked Colts to beat Bears before playoffs began

    + 500 dollars for finishing 6th in poker tourney

    + 1500 or so for day total =)
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  27. you're so badass jared
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  28. 2 hundy on the colts - weeeeeee
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  29. I used the BetWWTs.com free superbowl bet on the colts, so I won $120
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  30. dungy should have kicked the damn field goal
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