1. so i went to the bank last week to cash my check, i walk in and the teller is hot, i have been waiting to get paid this week so i could go back and talk to her....long story short, i couldnt think of a good in and i was a pussy and just cashed my check and asked her some stupid thing about ATMs in florida, im not one for creepy pickup lines..she looks about my age maybe a couple years older maybe younger and i didnt see a ring on her finger...

    anyways, sweet dudes and wonderful ladies of OT how do i ask this girl to go out for a drink or something without coming off like scum or a creep?
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  2. Just go up and ask her out. If she says no then just follow her home and start stalking her....
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  3. go in on a friday afternoon towards the end of her work time and ask if she wants to get a drink nearby?

    Maybe make a comment about her working hard and needing someone to take her out so she can relax?
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  4. usually when I want to pick up a chick at work I wait until they close and follow her home and watch her every move. You probably should pick up some great binoculars if you dont have any.
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  5. tell her you want to make a deposit, works every time.
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  6. That's my sister dick...
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  7. I usually like to give them a small dose of poison, that can be neutralised with an aloe plant, that I keep in my car at all times. Once they are on the ground writhing in pain I will run over and save her life, then you're in. Or just say whats up, you want to get a drink sometime?(Coffee, Alcohol, etc)
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  8. ^^Something similar to what Shaaarrrp said, but I would change it a bit.

    Tell her a few friends of yours were down the street at a local restaurant having some drinks/happy hour appetizers and invite her and a couple of her co-workers. That way it seems real casual. If she says yes, you better get some people over to that restaurant or game over.
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  9. More than likely she has a boyfriend...most hot chicks do.

    If she doesn't, there's probably a reason for it. (probably a crazy bitch aka mental issues) Don't you hate them?
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  10. I agree & yes thats my sister...mental issues
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  11. Dating someone who works at the bank you deal with could be a problem. She has access to your account info, so she knows exactly how much $ you have in there, and she could check your transaction history. Not stuff I would want her to know before the first date.
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  12. Yeah but then you'll find out if its true love or not....Thats what you're looking for right?.... LOVE?.....
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  13. go in naked and put ur penis on the desk this has yet 2 work 4 me and i am bruised from last time she bit me
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  14. f'n hilarious, booth, good show
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  15. if you dont make much money and she saw your bank statement, then dont bother. if she saw your goooot bank statement, then youre in
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  16. im in then, i mean im a college student and my summer job i made 800 before taqxes this week
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  17. Take your finger and run it up the crack of her ass.....that's how I get the ladies......
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  18. Haha....you newb.

    I'll give you some advice...and not some advice of how to pick her up.

    My advice is that you don't listen to a bunch of guys that sit in the off-topic forum all day long on how to pick up a girl.......
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  19. so pretty much ur saying women are mindless money whores?
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  20. If I were a girl, I would be.

    Especially the whore part.
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  21. Make a joke. Write one out beforehand if you have to, just make sure it's funny and she'll laugh. You have a small window of opportunity, so you can't really engage in a long discussion. Go in in the later part of the day, cash your whatever, make the joke, time it so that it wraps up as she's giving you your money, so your about to leave and her last impression of you is that you made this upROARIOUS joke. Take the cash, make an innocuous statement about how your meeting up with your friends at _________ (local bar, pref closeby) and that shes cute and should come hang out when she gets off.
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  22. Write this joke on a peice of paper and hand it to her, make sure you also wear a mask cuz banktellers LOVE funny masks. You better also take a gun to show her how manly you are. Note Gun Mask...plan that can't fail.
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  23. You might even be able to pay off your gambling debts with this move.
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  24. I work @ a bank and I can tell you that dudes that hit on our tellers get made fun of relentlessly after they leave. I've never seen it work before. They say it can't be done, that it's too crazy, but damnit kid, good luck to ya.
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  25. ^^^ true for the real hotties at the bank i worked at but def some were interested. Might as well give it a shot. If she was gonna be interested it woulndt matter to much about at work or whatever, how else u gonna do it
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  26. Threaten to take your business to a competitor if she says no.
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  27. *walks in the bank door and walks up to hot teller*

    *you* hey how are you today, I was hoping you were working today*

    *her* awww thats sweet what can I do for you*

    *you* well I need to blah blah blah cash blah blah blah*

    *her* ok well your all set is there anything else I can do for you* [if she doesnt ask that quistion and instead tell you to have a nice day, improvise and say , you to but theres one more thing I wanted to ask you before I go]

    *you* well yes actually, I was curious if you were interested in going out for a drink or dinner sometime, We dont have to label it as a date or anything I would just like to talk to you outside of work sometime.

    *her* ......... result pending

    Hey theres no garuntees, but a nice civil conversation with no pick up lines and a friendly tone is your best shot. I had the same problem A while back with a teller. -thewhiteHitch.
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  28. pee on her teller desk and proclaim her to be hereby the property of the alpha wolfman
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  29. ucantbeatthemeat, for someone with only 26 posts ur very wise..
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  30. As you are making your transaction; just lick your eybrows.

    LOL seriously she might have a boyfriend, but dont be a bitch; just make a joke(which is the best "in" there is). If she does have a boyfriend then he might be an asshat and be on his last leg with her. If your comically inept then try to be stupid - - - girl you must be an angel as you have been running through my mind all day. blaaa blaaa bllaaaa. then laugh and make fun of your self and ask her do lines like that ever work - - - her answer NO (with a giggle) then say how about this time? her reply (giggling you hope) probably no. dude theres your in. next time in try another really cornny one - - -same rouitine. then you hit them up with the standard want to get a drink or friends at a bar something along that line.

    Full proof. if you would have ever had a chance I promise this will give you the window.

    not afraid to poke fun at yourself goes a long way bro. How else would a slub like me get a wife like mine. - - - large penis and long tonge might have helped too, but i originally had to have an "in"


    if you got the balls and this works please tranfer Chip722 $20 and and invite to the wedding
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