1. I saw a program about David Berkowitz the son of sam killer and how it was rumoured he was a member of a satanic cult who planned and helped commit the murders and it got me wondering...How exactly would you become a member of a satanic cult? Obviously nowadays I'm sure teh interwebz would provide an easy doorway to these occult nutballs but this was back in the day?!

    Did they advertise? Did their members try and recruit people - "hey dave, what you doing tuesday night? Fancy sacrificing some virgins and skull-fucking some goats?"

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  2. repost. lolz, murderer has his own cult anyways

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  3. You have to know the look.
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  4. I know a girl who wanted to join a"metal" group of people. The leader ask her to bite the head of a pidgeon. She did, and joined them. Later she became part of a group within that group that were sort of satanists.
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  5. wrong.

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