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    So, a couple hours ago I was looking at some car tuning sites (seriously, wasn't even porn, just car stuff) and one of the links I clicked on randomly totally raped the fuck out of my computer. Like, when I clicked it, instead of going to the page, it opened it in a reduced size window, and then like 4 or 5 things all popped up right after that and a bunch of fake anti-virus programs all started popping up and all sorts of fucked up shit like that.

    So, I immed try to run the antivirus thingie that came with my computer, but it says its expired.

    So off the top of my head the only free antivirus program I oculd remember was lavasoft ad-aware, so I downloaded that and ran it.

    It found 6 items and deleted them and then it told me to restart my computer to finish the process and I did that, but I noticed that some of the fake anti-virus programs that were from when I got the virus a few minutes earlier were still on my desktop. I deleted them all and clicked empty recycle bin, but I'm still skeptical, since I mean, I thought the antivirus scan should've gotten rid of that kind of stuff. But oh well, at least nothing is popping up all over the place now, so I guess that's an improvement.

    So I double click on mozilla firefox on my desktop, and instead of just opening it, instead it says "what would you like to use to open this program with?", and it gives me a list of retarded programs to use to open it with like adobe or microsoft powerpoint etc lol. So I try the internet explorer desktop shortcut and it does the same thing.

    Eventually I right click and try "run as administrator" and it lets me open it when I do it that way.

    I also noticed that now on my laptop touchpad when I try to use the side of the touchpad to scroll down on webpages, like, it used to be that I could drag my finger downwards on the edge of the touchpad and it would scroll down whatever page I was viewing when i did that, but now that feature doesn't work anymore. So, seems like the virus must have changed the setting of some shit too.

    How do I make it so that when I double click a thingie on my desktop, it just opens its ass, instead of being like "What would you like to open this program with?" and giving me a bunch of idiotic programs to "open" it with which makes no sense.

    Also, since it seems pretty obviously/likely that I still have remnants of whatever virus I got attacked with on my computer, what should I do?

    What are the best free antivirus programs that I should use?

    Also, if none of those work, I have those cd's that they make at best buy when you buy a new laptop where if you put it in your computer and use it it like deletes your computer and puts it back to how it was on day 1 when you first got your computer or something.

    But the thing is, i have some files on my computer that I don't want to lose.

    So, if I put the files I want to save (some microsoft word files and also some video files) on my external usb hard drive, is that dangerous, like, will the virus probably be imbedded in those files and then now the virus would be in my 500 gig external hard drive (which has a lot of important stuff on it already) and now any time I plug that external hard drive into any computer it'll infect that computer? Or will it probly not do that and I can safely save the files I want to save before I delete my computer and make it brand new again?


    ***edit: please do not reply to thread unless you read the entire OP***
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  2. ohsnapyougotdaaids.jpg
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    Originally Posted by PhiAlphaMTSU View Post


    you're welcome.

    ^^ avid porn watcher obv
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  5. all the time you spend online and u can't fix this...wtf man?

    Figured u for an expert fo sho
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    Originally Posted by PhiAlphaMTSU View Post

    http://<a href="http://www.malwareby...bytes.org/</a>

    you're welcome.

    this ^^

    start in safe mode, run that, then restart
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  7. What's "safe mode", and how do I start in it?
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  8. 1. hopefully you're not on a mac
    2. restart the computer and press F2 repeatedly as its trying to boot up
    3. go to http://download.cnet.com/1770-20_4-0...form%3DWindows
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    Originally Posted by Mr. Blonde View Post

    1. hopefully you're not on a mac
    2. restart the computer and press F2 repeatedly as its trying to boot up
    3. go to http://download.cnet.com/1770-20_4-0...form%3DWindows

    In before the Apple Fanboy Dolphin13 comes flying in with a snazzy retort dripping in butthurt.
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  10. i should clarify that i didnt read the entire OP, so you might be on a different computer surfing P5's than the one u were surfing car porn earlier, but if not, you should click my link now and DL the program before restarting
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  11. fanboy is what poor people call powerusers I think
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  12. I'm mostly interested in the questions I had towards the end of the OP. Hopefully someone will read the entire OP and tell me about the other stuff (in regards to the external hard drive stuff in relation to viruses and all those questions towards the end of the OP).

    I strongly doubt any antivirus stuff will fix my computer no matter how good it is, considering even the settings are all fucked up by now.

    good luck me
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  13. well the link I gave you WILL fix it. but if you dotn want to download it then whatever.
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  14. I'm not talking about the virus itself, I'm talking about the damage it did the computer (i.e. not being able to open icons on my desktop anymore, it can't fix that kind of stuff, that stuff is like altered settings and shit).

    I was hoping someone knew about the external hard drive files question in regards to if it would carry the virus with it when I xfered files to it because seems like I'm gonna have to delete my entire computer and start the thingie from day 1 style with those cd's they give you with your computer when you buy a new computer it seems like
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  15. depending on the type of virus, some can and do scan disks for executable files and embed themselves within obviously. just scan the external drive and quarantine anything that comes up (probably nothing will).
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  16. Sigh. Viruses are so fucking annoying. Is it really true that you don't get viruses on a mac or whatever? If so I think I might just throw in the towel and buy one. Seems like every 6 months or so I have to deal with a virus attack of some kind and takes many days to try to figure out how to fix it, and even after that never really goes back to normal. Starting to get fed up with it.
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  17. pretty much. not that it's not technically possible to pull some abusive shit off on mac, but it's just that most hackers (using the term loosely) came up on their PCs and realize that the vast majority of their marks are going to be running on Wintel. come to the dark side.
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  18. I've never been an "Apple/Mac" type guy... however, since owning an ipod and iphone, and dealing with PC viruses, I think I might have to complete the dark side dive and buy a Mac as well...
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  19. macs are much easier to get viruses. the thing is most hackers/virus people dont give a shit because they can only mess with a small portion of computers. i assume this will change in the future as more people go to mac. but yes for now, its almost impossible to get a virus on a mac unless your opening random email attachments and shit. but pcs are easy to keep clean if u use the right antivirus stuff and/or dont visit horse auto car forum porn . com or something.
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    Originally Posted by bfactor View Post

    Sigh. Viruses are so fucking annoying. Is it really true that you don't get viruses on a mac or whatever? If so I think I might just throw in the towel and buy one. Seems like every 6 months or so I have to deal with a virus attack of some kind and takes many days to try to figure out how to fix it, and even after that never really goes back to normal. Starting to get fed up with it.

    use deep freeze, its a software that will literally freeze a partition of your hard drive and every time you restart it will return to the way u froze it at. I run a internet cafe populated by teenagers clicking n running all kinds of dumb shit so this software is a life saver. My standard system goes something like this

    Reformat computer and make 3 partitions on the drive, a smaller one that is say 30-40 gigs (for the operating system) on a 120 gig (if you have a larger drive you can dedicate more space but if your like me you just have a large external drive for file storeage and 120 gigs is plenty for apps/games etc...) for the operating system. Now with your additional unallocated space make 2 drives, one larger one for games and programs and one for downloads/backup.

    OK so it would look like this

    C: 40 gigs
    D: 70 gigs
    E: 10 gigs

    (the most important thing being you have a partition on your drive ONLY for the operating system/drivers and other mandatory apps, these are just example sizes if you have a larger drive you can make it whatev you want just ensure you have a drive C only for mandatory things such as the operating system and apps you need)

    So C is my operating system drive, ill install only the stuff I NEED, windows, web browsers, plug ins, drivers, whatever utility's you need etc...This drive is not for storage, it is only for mandatory apps and the operating system to run. This C drive is going to be the drive that will be "FROZEN" after I install all the stuff I need, this means that NO MATTER WHAT I DO OR CHANGE while the system is frozen, once I reboot it it will automatically reset itself to when I froze it. YOU have to be careful as anything you save to your C drive will be deleted as soon as you restart, your other drives (D: and E: in the example) are for storage so don't freeze the drives that are not your C drive with windows on it, anytime you want to save a file you just save it to D: or E: or and external or wherever the fuck you want to save it that's not in C:

    The beauty of this is no matter what, the portion of your hard drive that's running the operating system is perfectly frozen meaning anything you run, click on, install programs/games to partitions outside of C (you can install alot of games and apps outside of C, although it might take a little playing around with the settings of the application) and even move your "my documents" outside of C so everything you save outside of c will be there when you reboot BUT the operating systems settings will be untouched. The one thing you DO have to be careful with is that every so often you have to UNFREEZE your drive to install system/app updates, so if you need to update something you unfreeze it, boot up without deep freeze activated, update shit and not fuck with anything else as whatever changes you make here will be permanent once you freeze it again it will solid once again. I literally TRIED to fuck shit up when its frozen just to test it out like- uninstall drivers, click on random bad links, install shit I shouldn't, try to delete system files/change settings and as soon as I restart its good as new. this sounds complicated but I swear its cake and prevents a high amount of trouble shooting as long as your careful what you install with your operating system as none of the shit that you run outside of your C: operating system drive can change/alter or fuck with your operating system when its frozen.

    Alot of admins run this as it lets the user use the computer the way the want and not alter shit that there not supposed too, its not THAT complicated either. Anyone who can follow instructions can use this and it can be quite powerful. I don't work for them or am I connected to there company in anyway I just use this software and since running a high traffic internet cafe involves TONS of trouble shooting this has been a great tool for defending against the majority of the bullshit out there.

    Im not saying this is bulletproof but unless you get specifically targeted by some fuckin l337 hax0rs (who KNOW your running deep freeze and are going to come after you) this will stop a very high percentage of the random malware/spyware/system altering shit thats out there since most random malware (or any that I know of) dont target deep freeze. This is also Windows, Mac and Linux compatible (although I only have been using the windows edition so thats all I can speak on)

    this is there site


    I suggest you read up on it a little before deciding though


    /bfactor esque overtly informative but not as entertaining rant
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    Reason: to be clear, I would only need to freeze the hard drive portion thats has the operating system on it
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  21. That actually sounds like a pretty good solution. I think after I wipe my computer and start from cratch I'm gonna set it up partitioned like that with the deep freeze stuff so I don't have to worry about getting pwned anymore.

    I appreciate the advice
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  22. Is it that virus that messes with the .exe files? I got that a month ago and couldnt open shit on my desktop, I couldnt even open malwarebytes to run it and that shit about open with power point, microsoft word, notepad and bollocks like that appeared. It sounds like something similar. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/555067 i followed the instructions on here to sort it out.
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  23. I have dealt with the fakeav before with clients (am a computer consultant)
    start in safe mode (tap F8 during boot)
    run malwarebytes, let it clean it
    your icons and settings will return
    all of the probs you have are a result of the fakeav and not anything you did to try and clean it
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  24. I recently pwned a fake AV malware (didn't even have malwarebytes, started in safe mode with networking and installed)

    Was pretty proud of myself, but after successfully cleaning my system ran fine for a couple days then it reinstalled itself - so I think I have a kernel of the trojan/malware/virus that malwarebytes and avg free are not eliminating. Did second successful mbam sweep yesterday and system is running normally right now.

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  25. save pics and music..wipe HD..partition the sectors like previously stated, and reinstall windows.. DL the latest version of AVG free..update and run the scans daily!! and stop with the asian midget pron downloads and u should be g2g...
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  26. Did you try unplugging your keyboard and mouse and blowing into the sockets (ala old NES games) and putting them back in?

    oh and sorry I only read the title and didn't read any replies in case you already tried this
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  27. Hijackthis FTW
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  28. I used to try to uninstall all those fake antivirus software shit that fucks up your computer, but I found out that saying "gg, you won" is much better. I haven't gotten any in almost a year since I stopped downloading songs through limewire, so I think that was my leak.

    What I do is get the computer in safe mode and save all my files onto an external HD.

    Then I reformat the computer, which takes like 30 minutes tops, then put all the stuff back on. The biggest pain is making sure I get all the hand histories, and then refilling my database. Obv having to reinstall the poker programs and other software is a minor headache, but now instead of wasting 2+ days attempting to kill any instance of the malware, I have my computer back to new in under 3 hours.

    And I have not had any problem with any of my documents being infected and reinfecting my reformatted computer, and I have probably done that 3-4 times in the last 2 years.
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