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    lol why do u guys hate me so much im just giving jaybone shit ... im aware that people have jobs they like . i like mine. the no job in 15 years thing is pretty awesome tho cmon. Elendil who the fuck did i mock?? every thing u say to me is some faggotry hatred ... i dont even know who the fuck u are or why u wanna fuck me so bad. Yes. i cry myself to sleep wishing i worked a job every day and wasn't forced to slave away playing poker all the time and travelling the world fucking brazilian whores on piles of money and cocaine.

    missed a prime opportunity.....

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  2. Surely you have something on the side huh??? 100% of your income is from poker? Spill the beans
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    missed a prime opportunity.....

    lol idk what i missed but me and camz have a peace treaty now so we don't go hard on each other anymore
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    Surely you have something on the side huh??? 100% of your income is from poker? Spill the beans

    i wont get into all that, but i obviously don't make a ton of money like the good ole days, but i got a lamborghini and a sweet house and i do whatever the fuck i want pretty much all the time ... could definitely be a lot worse.
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    I've never been to Buffalo but I always imagined it loaded with some of the most beautiful women in the world.

    Once again, you are exactly correct
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    Id rather take a 65k job in NJ than a 150k job in Buffalo.

    Cant be wasting my life away up there.

    Buffalo is a 1hr drive to Toronto, and a 20min drive to Fallsview in Niagara Falls. Plus, Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas live there
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  7. unrelated and dotn want to jinx it but i got really good news today regarding my AHEM ... poker ban ... pretty good shot ill be back.
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  8. also im chipleader of the 215 20k 8 max on acr with 7 left if anyone wants to sweat lol
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  9. I wish I had some money on ACR. If only I had made a bet with someone and won said bet and he had alot of money on ACR he could ship..........if only
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  10. that would be nice for you
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