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    I looked online two days ago and found a dog I liked. Yesterday he was already gone from the website lol.

    Soooo... if I do decided to do it, im gonna make sure I dont look again until I can actually go do it

    lol, my girlfriend did this to herself for nearly 18 months. Then we just went "to see some in person."

    Came on with one that night, haha
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  2. I got my Puppy from this place. Same deal, she was looking and then they would be gone like that. So one day I call about this Border Collie litter (the mom was there too) , the rest of the litter was gone on day f'n one, except for this one female. It was almost closing time and they were like "Welp, it's first come first serve, and this family said they were on their way to get her."


    We said fuck it and went up the next morning about an hour before they opened like we were camping out for Stones tickets. The family also showed up early, but we were first. We had to go through the whole process with this Family staring daggers at us. I almost felt bad, because they had little kids who I assumed were heartbroken, but after all the time we spent together with us getting to know our new puppy right in front of them, I hear the one little boy say "Can't we just get a cat or something?" He didn't care. The Mom hated us but fuck her.

    Cliffs....good place, heard they shut that location but I could be wrong, and yeah, act fast.
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    I stopped by Rite-Aid today again.

    Bitch that mandatory asked me for my ID could not see if it was '67 or '57 and asked me to confirm my birth date year.

    And there are still Menthol Cig's on the racks.

    You are all talk and no action - You POS @KellyKip.

    Edit- Phone: (925) 625-7440 -- And a highly obese female cracker this morning for my two 30 packs of CL - and a they were out of 12'er of Redd's Apple Ale. Had to get that Next door @ Lucky - and some groceries as well.

    taking care of that call tonight. gotta see if i can find my old recorder hookup.
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