1. Had some of the most fun I've ever had in my entire life a few weeks ago! Went to see a Jeff Ross show and sat in the front row. At the end of the show he did this routine where he randomly picks someone out of the audience to play piano while he reads some poems. After being volunteered by my buddy to do it, I got called up and roasted for 15 minutes. Video is funny so thought Id share.
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  2. lol, i watched all 13 minutes in 2 minutes. Good vid

    edit: Ross was good ... You were Great!!
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  3. That was hilarious. Must have been a blast, thanks for sharing!
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  4. Jeff Ross is great. Nice vid, thanks for posting.
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  5. Awesome! Really enjoyed it. Great job on the piano.
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  6. A++++. Really enjoyed it.
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  7. Was entertaining to watch. Must have been fun.
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  8. its not your big break Mike okay....
    your adorable look at you... what disease do you have? hahahahaha top notch man goot shtuffff
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  9. great vid OP
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  10. looool

    nice work
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  11. Nice.....very N~I~C~!E~~~

    go WISCO~~~

    n' your buddy is awesome for keepin the vid rolli'n
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  12. Ross is really solid. Def dont want to sit in the front row of a comedy show unless you plan on being made fun of at some point, good stuff wisco.
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  13. that was hilarious, and nice work on the piano. Please don't stop playing.
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  14. Well worth the watch, great stuff
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  15. That's awesome man you killed it. Best post on here in a long long time. Jeff Ross is by far my favorite comedian, other comedians have been funny for a year and faded away, he just continues to kill it. Thanks for sharing.
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  16. that was really good. im sure theree were a lot of people there who thought you were set up to be there and play piano because of how good you did. Not only the actual playing but i think it was you that made that 15 minutes as funny as they were with what you chose to play and at what times. good stuff.
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  17. I REALLY appreciate the positive feedback guys. Tyvm! I honestly had 0 clue I was gonna get picked, and he had 0 clue I was a classically trained pianist:)
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  18. lol at "mike youre playing too good for the bit, just tone it down"

    you stole the show
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  19. That was hilarious...well done. I lost it when Jeff Ross finally figured out you were playing Titanic.
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  20. "I don't want to see this on you tube tomorrow".
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  21. great vid!
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  22. that was great
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  23. what an absolute blast this must have been. i love watching stand-up and the comedy central roasts
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    Originally Posted by gutbirdxx View Post

    that was hilarious, and nice work on the piano. Please don't stop playing.

    Well done Wisco. Thanks for the laughs.
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  25. mrs snaggs and I just watched the whole thing, very funny. We had seen him do this with someone else, makes it even cooler to know it wasn't a plant!
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  26. Fuckin A man.

    There's like 12 black people in Wisconsin, I think their called the Milwaukee Bucks. LOOOOOOL
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  27. That's really cool man. Nice job.
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  28. hahahaha

    "i want to fuck you right now, Mike...it's the song from the top of my jewelry box--how do you know that one??"

    "will you keep playing so these assholes will quit yelling shit??"
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  29. did your youtube page get more hits after the concert b/c Ross shouted it out?
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  30. A+ shit right there. Ross is hilarious and you did an excellent job.

    "oh I love that song. I got my first period to that song."

    Hilarious when he was yelling at your friend who was recording the performance on his phone.

    Nice work! That will be a memory you will never forget!
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