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    was that when he was doing Bubble Boy? I think he ended up sitting in the director's chair or something.

    Yo this s is not my chair.
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    Pacmans a fuckin legend and a beast... love this
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    Sheeeit. Ain't nobody flipping. Shady took Chris Carter's advice, and got himself a fall guy. Shady is going to set him and his family up for life after he keeps his mouth shut. Dude talks, and nobody wins or sees a dime. Easy game, son.

    Depends if there’s any evidence on his man’s phone
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  4. Kellen Winslow Jr's got next.
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  5. if the perp is never caught no case
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  6. [ ] this all seems legit
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  7. a bad offseason for the afros ....hands up
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  8. Shady reports to practice all is good in Shady World.

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  9. I think she was trying to set him up its all bs
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