1. Thats my baby and my 2nd baby the red Integra.

    Ignore the date on the pictures, haven't set the camera yet.

    Ahahah not my girl... nooo wayyyy. Just found this online


    LMAOO @ those replies
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  2. I'm almost upset that this isnt your girl, after pic 1 I envisioned the inevitable epic thread.
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  3. nice
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  4. the whole way scrolling down, i am alternately cringing in horror and thinking about how epic this thread will be... disappointing in some ways... hopefully the real thread will deliver...
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  5. *Cough* erhmm sorry eww.. blahh I think i threw up in my mouth a little.
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  6. For a second I thought you were copying the thread from bb.com but then saw link at bottom, Some epic threads over there in MISC.
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  7. i just seen this thread on another forum
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  8. "Looks like she was sodomized by the ugly stick.

    And after the stick was done, he smoked a cigarette while he called over his friends, borderline disfigured stick and Jesus WTF is that stick. Then borderline disfigured stick and Jesus WTF is that stick double penetrated her anally while ugly stick throat fcked her."

    LOL @ this on the 2nd page of replies
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  9. wow this hideous beast serves two purposes in life,

    1) punching bag filler.

    2) scare the chit out of small kids on halloween when she pops out the fucking bushes.
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  10. is that a hairlip?
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  11. Lol my friend was just showing me that thread and I was about to come post it here.
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  12. its packing a cack in pic 2.....knarly dude
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  15. this is going to be an epic thread
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    Originally Posted by Bawsten View Post

    *Cough* erhmm sorry eww.. blahh I think i threw up in my mouth a little.

    exactly what i wanted to post
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  17. *Puke*
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  18. sfcute
    *edit* badass car too
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  19. WOW I was scrollig down and almost felt sick and how bad this was going to get. Glad to see its not real.
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  20. I wish leftymark would throw a photoshop in this thread somewhere...
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  21. wow harsh crowd.
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  22. two thumbs down,...Im dissapointed because of how great this thread would have been
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    Originally Posted by seeeeb View Post

    WOW I was scrollig down and almost felt sick and how bad this was going to get. Glad to see its not real.

    lol so true
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  25. it's a man, baby
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  26. My favorite responses:

    Let me guess, she is going through Heroin/PCP withdrawal and has a nasty habit of chewing on bricks??

    Do not want.

    She makes the car look a lot nicer than it would by itself.

    Would hit it... with the car.

    I think i just threw up one of my lungs.

    ^^^ That's quality btw.

    I'd rather slam my dick in a car door.


    Did you hit the bitch in the face with the car before you took the pictures?


    And I only made it through about 10 pages. That might be one of the funniest threads ever on the internet.
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  28. Alright...who hacked brian's account?
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  29. This is the 6th different site I've seen these pics on. Sadly, I've seen many disturbing things in life.. I've seen ppl shot to death, I've seen a guy get decapitated. Those things you can get desensitized to.

    These pics, no matter how many times I see them; they still scare the piss out of me.
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  30. yikes
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