The Sentry Tournament of Champions is less than a month away, so it's time to get this party started for the 2019 PGA Tour Season!

    Entry Fee: $100 ($97+3) - The $3 "rake" is the fee I have to pay to our host, officefootballpool (the same site that Tread uses to host his contest)

    Entry Deadline: 3:00 PM on Thursday, January 3, 2019 (late entries are accepted but must start at 0 points)

    TO JOIN:

    Click Here

    Pool ID# 134203
    Entry Code: p5ot

    PM me for PayPal info if you don't already have it (for anyone that played previous seasons: my PayPal info is still the same).

    We had 27 entrants last year and paid out the following: 1st - $1600, 2nd - $675, 3rd - $344 (the payout structure will be similar this year and will depend on the number of participants)

    PLEASE invite coworkers and friends to join! It's $100 for nine month's worth of sweats. If you enjoy golf and the PGA Tour at all, it's a really fun way to have a vested interest in each and every tournament.

    The only difference in this year's pool is that we'll be picking all PGA Tour events (i.e. we'll pick the Puerto Rico Open and WGC Mexico Championship on the same week - this adds just a few more tournaments to the calendar).

    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please post them ITT. And away we go!

    This is a golf Pick One Fantasy pool. You select one golfer each week and get 1 point for every $1 they earn in that tournament. The person with the most points wins. You may not select the same golfer twice. Once you pick a golfer, you can't use them again.

    You will make your picks on the officefootballpool.com website under PICKS. You may select any golfer that you haven't picked already.

    The website attempts to show only the golfers that are participating in each tournament. However, it is up to you to know which golfers are actually playing. Health and other issues can force golfers to withdraw from the tournament and the website may not make the updates before you enter your picks.

    The pick deadline for this pool will be shown on the Picksheet and may be changed by the pool manager. No picks can be entered after the pick deadline. The pool manager can change the pick deadline and picks may be entered after the tournament starts. In the event that picks are entered after the tournament starts, the website will flag those picks as having been entered late.

    The pool standings are based on the combined money winnings from all the weekly picks. The person whose picks earn the most money is ranked first in the standings. The website updates the actual money winnings several hours after the tournament ends (e.g. Sunday evening). The standings are not final until approved by the pool manager.

    After each round, the website shows the projected standings based on estimates for money winnings if the tournament were to end that day. You can check the standings after each round to see your projected standings.

    There is no tiebreaker. If 2 or more people have the same number of points, it is considered a tie.

    It is your responsibility to confirm that your own picks are accepted by the website. You should see the Congratulations Screen after submitting your picks and you should receive a pick confirmation email. If you are still unsure if your picks were accepted, you should return to the picksheet, not by using your browser's back button, but by clicking on the My Picks link. If your picks were accepted they will be prefilled on the picksheet.

    If there is ever a discrepancy between what the website shows and what the player says he/she entered, all parties will be conferred to determine what is correct. The final decision will be made by the pool manager.

    The pool manager's contact information can be found on the website under HELP>Contact Pool Manager
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  2. count me in!
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  3. In and assuming my +1 defending champ will want to run it back as well
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  4. in with at least one friend maybe more
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  5. In x2 again. $$ sent.

    Open to side action again.
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  6. I'll play again. Thanks for running the show, sheep. gl
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  7. in. will send when i settle december tabs. down for sidebets as well.
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    Originally Posted by JFinn08 View Post

    In x2 again. $$ sent.

    Open to side action again.

    100 sidebet

    Originally Posted by truesyalose View Post

    in. will send when i settle december tabs. down for sidebets as well.

    100 sidebet
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    100 sidebet

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  10. In.
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    100 sidebet


    Any sidebets will be under my first entry - JFINN08
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