1. Does anybody have any experience dealing with these people? They are like a completely separate race of people. I had no idea how deep this shit went until one came to work for me. He is a nice enough dude but he is a full blown juggalo on the weekends, face paint and all. Most have a hatchet man tattoo, the girls are called Juggalettes. After doing some research it becomes even more fascinating. For some reason they are drawn to the cheap soda called Faygo. I have drank Faygo numerous times but never new it was linked to the ICP. And for those that don't know, Juggalos are cult followers of the Insane Clowne Posse, who I only know from the WCW wrestling days.

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  2. I don't associate with gang members.
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  3. Unfortunately all too familiar, they originated around here I believe. Buncha fucking weirdos imo, fans even more so than the shitty band.
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  4. are the like neo-goth kids?
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  6. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror....and I wonder...who are you Adam?
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  7. ICP puts on a hell of a show.

    I went to one of their shows because Kotton Mouth Kings, Tech 9, and Bone Thugs (in CLE) were the openers.

    They actually shake up 2 liters of Faygo and kick them into the air so the pressure makes a rocket spewing faygo all over the crowd. Was a good time
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    Originally Posted by TMLMS13 View Post

    are the like neo-goth kids?

    No, complete white trash, loud and obnoxious. Think backyard wrestling, bad white rap music, and 40 ounces of red Faygo.

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    Originally Posted by TMLMS13 View Post

    are the like neo-goth kids?

    No, complete white trash, loud and obnoxious. Think backyard wrestling, bad white rap music, and 40 ounces of red Faygo.

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  12. FBI designates them a gang like criminal organization... LOL

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  13. http://www.comedycentral.com/videos/...h-the-juggalos

    Only clip I could find from the episode unfortunately.
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  14. Funny story, we have this cute little Fed-ex chick that delivers everyday to work. Every dude has hit on her at some point with no luck. One day I sent my Juggalo friend to help her load some stuff, and I see them shooting the shit in the parking lot for 5-6 minutes. I asked him what was going on. She saw his hatchet man tattoo and said she was a Juggalette and showed hers. Gross.

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  15. I knew a juggalette in high school.

    that was pretty exciting.
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  16. I was a substitute teacher a few years ago for a special needs class. There was this kid who wore all black every day and did nothing but sit at his computer and watch ICP videos instead of work. I talked to him and he went on and on about how great their music was. I told him to turn it off and he just sat there and pouted the entire class. ICP is absolute shit.
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  17. lol ICP is the fucking pitts...... which should tell you something about these sick, perverted people
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  19. They seem like nice people
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  20. lol fucking clowns
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  21. That's some quality lyrical content there . . .
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  22. hahahah I had no idea these people were real some research proves wrong. wow.
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  23. How do magnets work? Fuckin' miracles
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  24. I have yet to have a conversation with any of these people but I'm looking forward to it
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  26. what is the belief of a juggalo, exactly? (if anything)
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  27. people who do renaissance fairs on the weekends are cooler than these people. i dont get either

    LOLOL at similar threads
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  28. <-- self admitted one time ICP fan. Wouldnt say I was a juggalo, but I wore this Tshirt routinely and would get random strangers come up and high 5 me or say shit like "Juggalo nation" or Juggalo 4-life".

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  29. http://www.putlocker.com/file/AA01FED9CAC266B8#

    ^ working link (for me) to Workaholics episode "Straight Up Juggahos"
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  30. being from Detroit, i was down with the clown. There is a great mini-documentary about Juggalos. Good stuff if you can track it down.
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