1. I hadn't seen this before, either. I liked what he had to say. What a great speech!

    I know this is more about gay marriage, but I think I'm going to copy this and send it to some of the counties in my state who balk at allowing homosexual couples to adopt. I talk to a lot of potential adoptive parents every day, and read their Pre-Placement Assessments (which are very detailed reports about their life). The vast majority of the same-sex couples that I encounter who apply to adopt kids are wonderful, caring, well-rounded people. The ones I know who have adopted already are amazing parents. It irritates me to no end that some of my colleagues would rather see foster kids age out of foster care than go to a great family, simply because the parents are gay or lesbian.
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    What do I win?


    The Internet.
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  3. Serious note, but keep the gifs coming: I work with two gay couples, been together combined 50 plus years. They would both be great parents, both coupes are a testament of love and honor.
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  4. I'm sorry, I can't support allowing gay parents to adopt children until black parents get that same right.
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    Yes. She pretty much did this to me.

    Except that girls tongue in the .gif is absurdly long, and I feel slightly uncomfortable.
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    Originally Posted by Pghfan987 View Post

    I'm sorry, I can't support allowing gay parents to adopt children until black parents get that same right.

    Does not compute. Explain please?
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    What do I win?


    LOL that thread had vintage UD , wako hows that gif working now that some dude named UD no longer posts?


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    UMAD, you spew your nonsense, you troll endlessly to pick a fight, you can't handle that you're wrong to your very core. you add no value to anyone around you, your life is 100% selfish. when you're gone, you won't be missed or remembered.

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  9. There's a gay couple who are always at my local dog park. Their dog seems pretty happy and well adjusted.
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  12. i, for one, will be fapping to lesbians this evening.
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  13. And there is a time to dance!
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    Originally Posted by ECUgirl View Post

    Does not compute. Explain please?

    He was making a joke (about how a lot of people feel that black parents have a much more difficult time adopting children than whites, on average (I don't know how statistically true/untrue that actually is btw, I've never looked into it, but I'm assuming that that was what his joke was poking fun at)).
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  15. Ok, thanks. Actually, I see it totally differently. We have so many African-American children who need good homes, and we're just begging for black families. We rejoice when a black family contacts us. I've never seen them have any problems adopting. Of course, I work with older foster kids, not infant adoptions, so I'm not sure if that's a different situation. Knowing the adoption agencies I work with who do infant adoptions, I have never seen any indication that it would be, though.
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  16. Solid repost. Someone posted this on twitter today, I hadn't seen it prior.

    Kid raped public speaking. Hard. Alot of people who speak publically for a living wouldn't have done that well in that kind of atmosphere.
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  17. lol bean flickers
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  18. cute anecdote, OP
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  19. I don't know why but I'm not getting sound on that Youtube video however, OP must be pretty closed minded to assume that just because 1 guy raised by a lesbian couple rubs him the wrong way by what he had to say that he in any way represents any majority. There are any number of highly dysfunctional people who visit OT daily that are probably crazier and more outspoken in their own way.

    I think the same sex marriage thing is a win/win for kids and society. In my lifetime I've encountered many gay/lesbian and transgender people and in numbers greater than society in general I'd believe them to be excellent parents. OP's opinion is rubbish.
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  20. your sarcasm meter is off kilter, raisethis
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    I have some friends that turned out gay, I blocked there updates on Facebook.

    i miss ricky lol
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