1. Anyone else really attracted to "indie" type girls? Im becoming somewhat of a groupie i guess bc i especially love singers....hmmm.....

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  3. i will only click a link i wont copy and paste
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  4. lol...fuck you, i'm leaving mine up
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  5. lol ugdskflsajdfl la i forgot how to post pics....i have them in photobucket....help me im on fucking life tilt right now.
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  6. pic posting n00b^^^^^^^
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  7. No! ive done it before i just forgot. i ahve them in photobucket...now what? Cut and paste the HTML tag?
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  8. i guess you figured it out
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  9. ok some indie/emo girls can be smoking, however you picked one who looks like a wicth, F-
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  11. which one looks like a witch?

    the FIRST one is maja ivarsson...singer of indie band "the sounds" and a total fucking goddess. thats really all.
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