1. was watching the "spike TV scream awards"

    morgan freeman has one earing and it's in his right ear...i'm assuming that's its a clear statement that he is gay, since this is a well known fact about the meaning of having a right earring only...

    if so this is fine, i was just curious thats all, because i feel like its possible he just wasn;t aware of this and maybe made a mistake

    but this is the second time i have seen him on TV like this so i would assume someone would have told him not to wear it like that if he isnt gay.
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  2. hes definitely married (and no, not to a dude)
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  3. it doesn't matter what ear.

    Men wearing earings = gay
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  4. He is not gay, but he is dating his step-granddaughter.
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  6. maybe he is a pirate
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  7. I vote not gay here. <3 Morgan
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  8. Good observation.
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