1. I want to hear the responses
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  2. i don't drink beer, just vodka
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  3. .......and skeet
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  4. OMG murderer, i love you!!!!!!!11111111111111
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  5. scary amounts, im guessing 2 to 3 beers an hour, shit i did 2 beers per inning at a white sox game after my friend and i pounded 18 rack in parking lot
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  6. At my prom, I drank 23 beers in like 3 hours... I walked 2 miles down the road.. passed out, literally sprawled ass out on a table at Tim Hortons... 2 hours later, they called the cops and the next thing I know, 4 cops are laughing there asses off at me...lol

    I didn't get a ticket because they said I was just too damn funny....oh, and BubbaKGB came and found me the next morning with his g/f surrounded by the cops.

    I think you could proabbly drink like... 50 in 24 hrs.
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  7. you don't have to lie to kick it man
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  8. wtf is Tim Hortons?
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  9. a fellow who likes it when gidders drinks 23 beers comes over and sprawls his ass out on a table obviously
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  10. sigh... yankees.......

    timmy's is like starbucks for canadians.
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  11. im boycotting gidders.com! f gidders!

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  12. I'm popping all of the free balloons.


    ee tee cee
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  13. OMG NOT MY BALLOONS!!!!!!!!!11111111111111\\\

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  14. anybody else love that it says most beers you can drinking?
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  15. for all the "brilliant" people with their SAT scores i was wondering if i was the only one who noticed that......but far be it from me to be the english police.......perhaps it was at attempt at humor seeing as the post was about drinking lots of beer....hmmmmmm.......these are the riddles that plague me in the middle of the night near the ocean
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  16. counting beers is so 18-year-old-ish-omg-i-just-drank-more-than-you-weeeeeeeeee-skeet-skeet
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  17. 38. get some! i was only awake for about 14 hrs though. started at 9am. i know because i was the only one drinking tecate. and i remember opening the second case. pcb fl.
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  18. I've done about 17 in a day before, on a football game day. After that things get blurry (obviously).
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  19. I dont know why Tranq, but this was the funniest post I've ever read on P5's..

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  20. Since this is a mission to see who can be the biggest bullshitter.......

    I can drinking ( keeping w/ the title of this thread) 986 beers in 24 hours.

    I usually only attempt this feat on every third Saturday of June.

    The key is in making sure you hit the right vein.
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  21. Every year during the Indy 500, a group of my friends has what they call "Race Day Case Day", where they all start drinking at noon (near when the race starts) and have to finish the case (24 beers) before they pass out.

    The one who does it fastest is the winner, although usually only 3 or 4 of us actually make it to the end. The fastest it's been done before is by about 10 PM.
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  22. Why thank you gidders...my condolences to your dog
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  23. Is this with or without throwing up because the numbers are way different?
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  24. I remember back in college we used to have beer die tournaments...most of you are probably aware of this horrid game but if not, just post and I'll explain it to you. Well we had 16 teams enter in a double elimination format (worst idea ever...) and it was a race to 5 points, had to win by 2. We were playing with the big boy 16oz. cups, and 5 drinks to a cup...needless to say things got entirely out of hand very quickly. My partner and I had found that Coors Light cans seemed to be the easiest to chug in a pinch. However, our opponents for the first round were a) underage and b) asked us to buy beer for their tourney...they got 2 cases of Icehouse...gross. It was a hard fought match but we prevailed in 45 minutes or so after they drank 10 beers each (we also had a rule that if the die hit your cup and you didn't catch it it was a drink..but not a point...thus leading to much excessive boozing). We ended up losing in the 2nd round, won our next match, but lost our next mostly due to the fact that my teamate fell out of his chair, vomited, then fell asleep. We each about 18 beers, I was feeling pretty good to continue...probably mostly due to my insticts to win the game, I could've handled 2-3 more beers TOPS. 18 beers, 4ish hours...good times. Sadly, I turn my nose up at beer and its been nothing but good to me, but vodka is my new mistress now.
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  25. in college we had a tradition on the second friday back from christmas break we had "newman day", which was a challenge to drink 24 beers in 24 hours. only rules were you had to attend all classes and atleast two meals in the dining hall and could not sleep between beers 1 and 24, and finish before midnight. best part of the day was dinner time, as the main dining hall was filled with drunk people. ironically, the only person to go to the hospital the first year i did it was a hippie girl who tried to drink 24 glasses of water. she was royally messed up. drinking beer in class is always a good time, until the hiccups set in. then it really feels like one of those southwest airline commercials....DING, wanna get away?
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  26. ok I thought I knew what it was but I don't....explain please. TUVM.
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  27. 36 Natural Ices
    I probably couldn't drink more than 12 in a day now without having a hangover.
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  28. i could probably drink about 50 beers easily in a 24 hour period. but then again im drunk right now and i never tried either. so i couldnt tell you. what kind of fucking question is this
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  29. "wtf is Tim Hortons? "

    24 hour coffee and donut shop.

    gg munchies.
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