1. I just downloaded my first torrent and have no idea how to get it to iTunes. help please. and yes, i know. sorry.

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  2. well first it must be an mp3 i believe.
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  3. well im pretty sure i did that. i used utorrent
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  4. utorrent has nothing to do with mp3. Open utorrent, find the torrent righ click it and go to "find in explorer" or something similar. That should show you where the files are, after that cut/paste them into your itunes directory.. gg
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  5. so how do you normally move mp3's into itunes. Its no different because you used torrents. You are still downloading an mp3. Not sure where you're having trouble I guess is what im saying.
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  6. what dex said

    go to torrent in your uTorrent client > right click > open containing folders
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  7. ya, normally i just drag it from limewire>artist folder>itunes. however, the torrent would not drag from utorrent. i found the folder it was in through my documents and moved it into the artists folder. thanks for the help guys, apprectiated.
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