1. The last 3-4 nights, I have woken up in the morning with no feeling in my right hand. I am sure it is somewhat due to the way I am laying in bed, but is this something I should be worried about? Cutting of circulation to my hand every night can't be a good thing for me....is it as dangerous as I am imagining?

    Does this happen to anyone else?
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  2. Maybe instead of sleep walking you sleep jerk it all night and it gets tired?
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  3. yeah maybe ur just sleepin on it funny, try givin youreself a "stranger" i hear it feels like someone else is doin it.....

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  4. who the fuck are you
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  5. i like when my arm is completely asleep from the elbow down. i'll lift it up with my other arm cuz i'm half asleep and it will drop straight down on i'm face, idk why i like that, maybe i'm ghey or sumthin
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  6. I found this on a site MD site where the guy said his hand was always falling asleep/tingling.



    <TABLE class=forumthread cellSpacing=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR class=forumA vAlign=top><TD class=forumA>my hand falls asleep every time I lie down and try to sleep.Is been hapening for a year, just not
    as bad as it is now. It used to be that it was just my right thumb that fell asleep and it didnt fall asleep as bad. well now my thumb hurts when its asleep and my whole hand falls asleep and part of my left its really creeping me out I feel like one day im gonna wake up and not be able to shake it off please help me
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    </TD></TR><TR class=forumA vAlign=top><TD class=forumA>jccsr9261
    C1 <TD class=forumA>.</TD></TD><TD class=forumA>That sounds like you've got some type of repetitive stress. Do you type a lot? Use a computer? It could be carpal tunnel. Try elevating it on a pillow at night or sleep with it above your head. That helped mine. Massage therapy helped me a lot. Is your neck and shoulder really tight? You need to get a massage and gently stretch your hand by raising your arm straight out at shoulder height, take your opposite hand and gently bend your affected hand at the wrist so the fingers are pointing down, then gently grasp your palm and push your palm back so your fingers point straight up to the ceiling, then turn your palm facing the ceiling and gently stretch your fingers as far as you can. Then relax. Do these several times (3-5 times) about three times a day. See if that helps. Soaking your hand in a sink of hot water (not too hot to cause pain, but as hot as you can stand it) for a minute, then have a bowl of water with ice in it and immediately put it in that for as long as you can stand it and then put it back into the hot water, back and forth, then wrap it in a warm towel. That will increase the circulation which you need to do because if your hand is falling asleep, it's because there's not enough blood in it and this will increase the blood flow and it feels GREAT too.</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

    Hope this helps.
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  7. Right hand....probably nothing to worry about. Now if it was the left i'd definitely go see the doctor.
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  8. You could try sleeping in a wrist splint (Futuro, etc.) - can get one pretty cheap at any Eckerd/CVS/etc.
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  9. bad circulation because you are fat and have diabetes
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  10. THree things,

    1) your shirt is too tight at the armpit cutting off circulation from an artery located in the pit

    2) YOU PUT YOUR RIGHT ARM UNDER YOUR PILLOW THUS EXPOSING THE ARTERY OR Ulner nerve to pressure from sheets or pillow

    3) you have MS

    *sorry for the caps, keyboard got stuck
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  11. migt be carpoltunnel in your hand consult your doctor asap
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  12. just my pinky and ring finger on my right hand were asleep when i woke up, i didnt noticed until i got out of the shower. i kinda panicked thinking i was gonna lose my fingers or something (i tend to overreact when something is wrong with me). so i looked it up. it can come from typing/using the mouse a lot and resting your elbow on a surface while you do it. i rest my elbow on the arm of my chair. i don't have a lot of fat and the arm of the chair is plastic.
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