1. I guess I'm making a blog, since a few people (compulsive liars) said they'd read it. I'm feeling lazy and unimaginative though, please help.

    $5 to the winner. If I come up with it myself, you get chlamydia from LatestLines2 as a consolation.
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  2. "Earlybird has some sort of obsessive hatred disorder"
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  3. agriffrod's blog
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  4. Columbus to Hollywood
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  5. Oh and Maridu already suggested

    Going to Hollywood
    Hollywood is where it's at
    Agri does Hollywood
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  6. I laughed at that.
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  7. "hollywood's thoughts"
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  8. "O Rly?" with random owl pick
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  9. Its Showtime in Hollywood!

    with a fabulous logo.
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  10. griffy goes to hollywood
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  11. Walking in Memphis


    Hollywood Square
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  12. "I'm a fag"
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  13. Chlamydia is not really all that bad. Getting it from LL2 is, though.
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  14. I bet I update more than you do, Joey.
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  15. f Agriffrod
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  16. F joe ward
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  17. Hollywood Minute
    Life in Hollywood
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  18. you have nooooo idea how accurate "hollywood minute" is, if you know what i mean.
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  19. You can have quantity buddy...I'll take quality.
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  20. ^lol pwned
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  21. Blogriffrod
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  22. So you're saying you and Mr Mitchell fucked...interesting. =o
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  23. Nick the Dick
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  24. gheys are us

    with this as background pic

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  25. dude that is just plain gay
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  26. nawimsaygriffrod's blog.



    Read Me Plz. K thx bye.


    Blogget Fives Dot Com.

    BlogIt Fives

    Welcome to Bloggywood.



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  27. 11 entries yet 0 good idea.
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  28. die

    you have better?

    im sure you will think of some great ideas inbetween pressing the "refresh" button while reading this thread.
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  29. i think bhollywoodlog would be more approiate.
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