1. Does anyone know what channel the Illinois/UNLV game will be on?
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  2. anybody got stream for iu/nd?
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    Originally Posted by cmval View Post

    Does anyone know what channel the Illinois/UNLV game will be on?

    Big Ten
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  4. ahh thanks..good thing i get that channel
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  5. ESPN2
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    Originally Posted by BigStack Husker View Post

    RLM guys getting buried today, well obv depends on what games they choose like Waco looks to be 2-1 today but overall hasnt been good today from what I can tell. Detroit lost and BYU not looking good are the 2 big ones.

    I actually had Baylor and the the ML +180. 3-1 today and up good, 2-1 ITT


    booked: Cal Riverside +12 Wright St. +5

    leaning: Houston +10
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    Originally Posted by smcrawford2 View Post

    anybody got stream for iu/nd?

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  8. Old Dom +5.5
    Indiana St +10
    Santa Clara -11
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    Originally Posted by Niceguy View Post

    Where you watching at?

    sorry, just saw this, didn't check back. shit was on BYUtv, I get it on my sports tier with Cox. they have a free online stream too

    was a very high quality broadcast.
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  10. I can't be the only one that thinks this new intentional foul turns into a flagrant 1 is a horrible rule change right? I mean the controversy of what is "intentional" and what's not has not been accurate from the calls I've seen so far this year and it's such a meaningful call in close games... sigh
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  11. thx boke
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    Originally Posted by B_O_K_E View Post



    Memphis +8
    UNLV +2
    Vandy -10.5


    New Mexico -3
    Alabama -2
    Houston +10
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  13. In the NCAA threads I have been saying the Illini have been playing above their heads due to a weak schedule. They will have problems scoring against even average defensive teams. Double team Myers Leonard and make the guards beat you will be a common theme this season. They just made a nice run and are only down 8 now.
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  14. wtf did that last bucket count in the memphis game!?
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  15. OMG count that at the end of the Memphis game???????????!!!
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  16. standard 20-0 road run
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  17. looking like 5-2 on day, last play....

    St Joes -3
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  18. let's go bama -2 to give me a 6-0 day.
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  19. wtf, OT goes 45-11 today?
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    Originally Posted by EyeKnows View Post

    wtf, OT goes 45-11 today?

    Thats pretty sick. Bunch of sharps in hur
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    Originally Posted by B_O_K_E View Post

    Thats pretty sick. Bunch of sharps in hur

    didn't add it up but lotta winners today, maybe I will later.
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  22. Im 4-5 with 1 pending so I didnt have a good night..im fade material lately
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  23. anyone else see the worst charge call ever just now in the alabama game?
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    Originally Posted by Hughes4 View Post

    anyone else see the worst charge call ever just now in the alabama game?

    College hoops refs anticipate 100% of the time. He was making that a charge call before the guy got past half court. They are all so horrendous.
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  25. cmon OT help me sweat this parlay out..i had UGA ML, Cal Poly +xx over fresno, KState +2.5 and over 126 AND New Mexico -3 under 130..waiting on this last game..

    bet 1.00 to win 164 and change..

    what a fing hold!
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  26. u winning a parlay that gives u 164-1 odds and only winning $164 is life tilting. just imagine the possibilities!
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  27. sorry dont currently have the role to bet upwards of 25-100 on a parlay like this.. i hadnt watched any of the teams just checked on basic stats from bovada..not to bad just clicking and picking..

    i mean i would have loved to win 4k on a 25 bet or 16 gs but wasnt going to bet that high..it happens
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  28. lots of numbers between 1 and 25
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  29. i had like 10 bucks in my account and wanted to bet the nfl with parlays..geez such hate..yes i am aware i woulda banked betting 10 bucks but on a college bball parlay of 7 teams that i know hardly nething about ill take it..ill bet more now
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  30. (10-12-1)
    Virginia -1.5
    Oral Roberts +6.5
    Northwestern -18
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