1. I want to hear all sorts of sick demented shit from you sickos. Ill start it off from one of my personal favorites:

    The Dirty Sanchez: Fucking a girl in the ass then whiping the tip of your dick on her upper lip to give her a poop mustach.

    Also; The Screaming Eagle: When your fucking a chick on the beach then rub your dick in the sand then continue to fuck her.

    Lets hear em.

    p.s. some of the same names may have multiple meanings which is all good. Lets hear em all
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  2. Tony Danza: Fucking a chick doggystyle, when about to cum, punch girl in back of head and yell "WHOS THE BOSS"
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  3. indeed thats a new one i've never heard. lol
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  4. rusty trombone...
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  5. The Hollywood Fakeout: When doing a chick doggystlye and about to cum, pull out and spit a loogie on her back, then when she turns around, BINK - right in the eye.
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  6. Must also have the meaning.

    The hoodini: Fucking a girl in front of a window/porch area then letting one of your buddies jump in and go outside to wave at her. WOW its magic!
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  7. sickest one i ever heard of was called "drawing straws"

    it involves fucking a girl in the ass, coming inside of her, and then sticking a straw in there to suck it all out

    makes me wretch
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  8. The Cleveland Steamer: take a shit on her chest after sex.
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  9. ^^Also known as the David Copperfield
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  10. ^^^AKA the Houdini
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  11. Hollywood Fakeout = Phantom

    Walrus, when you come in a girls mouth and then you kick her in teh stomach... Cum comes out her mouth like Tusks of a walrus...

    Strawberries and cream. Cum in girls mouth and then immediately punch her in mouth. Out comes blood and cum (strawberries 'n cream)
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  12. Racooning- After you have sex, you punch her in both eyes and run out of the house and knock over the garbage
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  13. lol! keep em coming
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  15. the rodio(sp)- when your fucking a girl you tell her you have aids and see how long you can hold her in before she pulls off.
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  16. the chocolate shake -- have a girl with diarhea shit on your stomach then immediately fuck her doggy style.
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  17. alaskan pipeline: n. poop in a rubber, freeze it over night, then use it as a dildo.

    <span>Alaskan pipelines unlike M&Ms melt in your butt, not your hand.</span>
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  18. lol jesus good stuff hahaahhah
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  19. rusty trombone: n. getting a girl to give you a reach around while licking your ass hole.

    <span>I can honestly say i've never given/received a rusty trombone.</span>
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  20. why did you put 'given' before 'received'??
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  21. The Angry Pirate: during anal sex, you pull out and draw angry eyebrows \ / with your dirty dick. Then cum in her eye and kick her in the shin. If done properly, she will be angry and hopping around on one leg with her eye squinted.
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  22. ooopss
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  23. Dragon Breath - while getting head & about to cum, karate chop her in the neck & it will come out of her nose like a fire from a dragon...
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  24. ^^^^AKA Snarling Dragon
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  25. pinksock: when u are having anal sex and pull out and her rectum comes out with it.....
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  26. that is fucking hysterical.
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  27. [size="1"]The Rusty Trombone - This is when you are standing and your girl is behind you tossing your salad while at the same time she is reaching around and jacking you off!

    The Admiral - When attacking from behind, you place your arms behind your back, clasp your hands together and continue your hammering. Strictly a class move.

    The Blumpkin - The act of receiving a blowjob while simultaneously taking a shit.

    The Hoover Vacuum - When you bang a girl in the ass right as she is taking a shit. You pull out long enough for the log to come completely out then you grab her hips and pull her back into her own shit which then gets pushed back in her butt since her hole is already gaping.

    The Houdini- While fucking a chick doggystyle. Right before you blow your load, you spit on her back which makes her think you're blowing it.....but you're not. She turns to look, and BAM! you blow it in her face.
    NOTE**If you are skilled enough to make it into her eye and she screams "Arrrr", then you have just completed the ANGRY PIRATE.

    The Dirty Sanchez-When you're going at it doggy-style and just as you're about to spill your load, you plunge a finger into her poopshoot and reach around to her upper lip, where you proceed to paint on "The Dirty Sanchez."

    The Wet Burrito - Similar to the Dirty Sanchez, only performed with your own ball sweat.

    The Code of Silence-Anytime you fuck a girl that's so dirty or ugly that you rip off the used condom, gag her with it, and tell her that you'll kill her if she tells a soul what just happened between the two of you.

    The Coyote (aka coyote ugly) -When you wake up the morning after sex with an absolute beast to find that she's sleeping on your arm and rather than have to talk to her or, god forbid, touch her again, you gnaw your own arm off and leave it there.

    The Purple Mushroom-When your receiving a little oral pleasure from a girl and just before you shoot your load, you whip it out of her mouth and try to impale her cheek. The impression it leaves resembles a purple mushroom.

    The Divot-A must for golfers! When you've got your hand below the belt on some girl with a fair amount of bush, you grab on to as much of it as you can, scream "Fore!" and rip every last pube out of her.

    The Bronco-When you're taking a girl doggy-style and just at the moment of climax you reach around, grab her ass as tightly as you can, scream out another girl's name, and enjoy the sensation as she tries to buck you off.

    The Rodeo-A variation of the Bronco where a bunch of your closest friends are hidden in a bedroom closet prior to the sexual encounter. At some type of a prompt, they all run out with a video camera and you try and see how long you can stay on as she tries to get away.

    The Pearl Necklace-When you are enjoying a fine blowjob or titty-fucking session and you happen to leave a line of droplets resembling a string of pearls around her neck.

    The New York Style Taco-Any time that you are so drunk that you go down on a girl and puke in her box.

    The Stinky Pinky-When you're going at it from the back and you insert a pinky finger in along side your member, reach around front, and plunge it so far into her nostril that it tilts her head back.

    The Gobstopper-When you're receiving a hand job and just as you're about to come, the girl decides to squeeze your unit with all of her might and cap you off with her thumb.

    The Stranger-When the tedium of your nightly jerk off becomes too much so you sit on your hand until it falls asleep, giving the sensation of someone else doing it.

    The Donkey Punch-When you're attacking a girl from the back and at the moment of climax you pull out, plunge it into her cornhole, let out a mighty "Hee Haw!" and punch her in the back of the head. Note: In order to fully enjoy the Donkey Punch, you must knock her out as this results in a tightening of the asshole.

    The Hot Lunch (aka Cleveland Steamer, aka Hot Carl) -- When you're receiving a blow job from a position where you're crouched over her face on all fours and you drop a monster shit right onto her chest.

    The Chili Dog-A variation of above where you proceed to titty-fuck her afterwards.

    The Shocker-When you're fingering a girl and decide to give her a surprise so you insert a digit or two into her asshole.

    The Beetle Clip-You insert your thumb into the snatch and forefinger into the poopshoot and try your damndest to make them touch each other.

    The Six Pack-When performing the above and you attempt to carry the girl around (similar to the way you would a six pack).

    The Golden Shower (aka Watersports) -- Any shape or form of urinating on or in a person.

    The Bismarck-When you've got your dick buried to the hilt in some girl's throat and you pull out to sign her face, then belt her, and smear the blood and cum together.

    Tossing Salad (aka Rim Job) -- A common prison practice that could also be termed "eating asshole."

    The Cave (The Neandertal)-When you blow your load into a girl's mouth and proceed to kick her teeth in, making her mouth look like a cave.

    The Bullwinkle-When you're entering your partner from the rear and you reach up front, wrench her nipples as hard as you can, put your hands up to the sides of your head like antlers, and wiggle your fingers and stick out your tongue while emitting a high pitched turkey gobble.

    Felching-A homosexual activity in which one fag fucks another and proceeds to suck his own splooge out of his partner's asshole with a straw. This one's not even popular in prison.

    The Dog in the Bathtub-The name given to attempting to drop your nuts into a girl's asshole. Aptly named as it's about the only thing harder than getting a dog into a bathtub.

    The Dolphin-When you're giving it to a girl from behind and you pull out to stuff it in her butt when she turns her head around and whimpers, "Uh Uh, Uh Uh," sounding exactly like a dolphin.

    The V-Plow-When you're muff diving and in order to look up at the girl you drag your whole face through here snatch, nose proudly leading the way, parting that nasty labia.

    The Crimson Tide-When you're going down on some girl and, to your surprise, the lunar alignment dictates that her monthly flow has just begun.

    Indian War Paint- A continuation of above, when taking the blood from your fingers and mouth, and wiping them across her face like indian war paint.

    The Free Willy-When you've worked up such a throbber that when some girl unzips your pants to give you a hummer, you spring forth and poke her eye out harpoon style.

    The Mudslide-After convincing some girl to give you a little ass munching action, you proceed to unleash a massive flow of diarrhea and sit there and laugh as it runs down her face and body.

    The Fortune Cookie-After you're done banging some chick, you slip the condom off as you pull out, leaving it in there for the next customer.

    The Eiffel Tower-When you and a friend decide to work a girl over together. You get her down on all fours with one of you in her mouth and the other going at it doggy style. From this position you give one another a mighty, two-handed high five, making the entire structure resemble theEiffel tower.

    The Angry Dragon-On the first round of the night, work up an extremely large load during a blow job. Just before you're about to explode, grab the back of her head and ram your unit as far down her throat as possible, causing her to gag on your pint of fluid. The result? She spews it out of her nose, making her resemble an angry dragon.

    The Flying Camel-A personal favorite. As she is lying on her back and you are hammering her from your knees, you carefully balance yourself without using your arms to prop yourself up. You then proceed to flap your arms and let out a long, shrieking howl, much like a camel in distress. Strictly a class move.

    The Fishhook-A variation of the shocker in which you pull back towards the pussy after you stick your finger up her anus.

    The Ram-Again, you're attacking from behind, when you start ramming her head against the wall in a rhythmic motion. The force of the wall against her head should allow for deeper penetration. Very handy for those lulls in penile sensitivity.

    The Fountain of You-While sitting on her face and having her eat your asshole, jerk off like a madman, build up as much pressure as possible before releasing, and spew like a geyser all over her neck, pussy, and stomach (Better in her bed).

    The Pink Glove-This frequently happens during sex when a girl is not wet enough. When you pull out to give her the money, the inside of her twat sticks to your hog. This is referred to as the pink glove.

    The Fish Eye-Fucking her from behind, you shove your finger in her ass (or his if you are in prison) whereupon she turns around in a one-eyed winking motion to see what the hell is going on back there.

    The Fur Ball-You're chomping away at some trollop who has a mane between her legs the size of Lionel Richie's afro, when a mammoth fur ball gets lodged in your throat and causes you to beat the piss out of her.

    Tea Bagging-When she takes your whole scrotum into her mouth and holds it there like a tea bag in a cup of hot water. (dipping in and out of her mouth is a class move)

    The Hummer-While sucking on your rod, she emits a low humming noise. The vibrations from her throat make it all too easy to bring her concert to a quick end.

    Snow Balling-Occurs when some chick takes your load in her mouth and has the audacity come up and kiss you while it's still in there. (A class move for one chick to perform on another)

    The Camel Clutch-When she's lying on her stomach with you giving it to her from behind and you decide to emulate the Iron Sheik through his signature move, grabbing her underneath the chin and pulling straight back with both hands.

    The Rumpledforeskin-When some girl makes you stop fucking her because she somehow realizes that you don't remember her name, causing you to go limp (like the fairy tale).

    The Skull Fuck -The act of removing a person's eye (unless you really luck out and find someone who's already lost one) and fucking the gaping whole left in its place.

    One in the Fridge, One in the Freezer-Another one that requires a partner, this simply refers to you and a buddy putting one in her pussy and another in her butt, and simultaneously trying to reach her uterus and large intestine.

    The Repunzel-When no amount of suggestion, persuasion, or begging will get a girl to go down on you and you're forced to resort to simply pulling her head down there by the hair.

    The Boston Cooler - Any form of oral stimulation in which you cleverly conceal ice cubes in you mouth to surprise your partner. and* ...

    Dutch Oven- When you rip ass in bed and hold the covers over you and your partner, so you can both enjoy your sweet aroma.

    Western Grip (aka boston backhand) - While jacking your beef, turn your hand around and do it backwards.

    The Boston Strangler- Pulled off by putting lubricant all over both hands, and proceeding to give an "indian burn" to your weenis.

    Glass bottom boat - Simple. Anytime you lay saran wrap over someones face and then shit on it.

    The Rainbow- When a chick gives you head while wearing multiple shades of lipstick, to leave a nice little rainbow on your weenstick.

    The Screamer- Executed by someone licking your asshole then blowing on it so you feel the chill.

    The Nosy Dingo- While receiving oral pleasure from a girl in the "69" position, her nose happens to rub your slef (the area between your nuts and your anus).

    The Triple Crown-Any three of the above events performed upon the same person.

    The Hat Trick-Any three of the above events performed over the course of a single evening.

    The Technical Knockout (TKO)- Any three of the above events performed upon the same person over the course of a single evening.

    The Clean Sweep-Any four of the above events performed upon the same person.

    The Grand Slam-Any four of the above events performed over the course of a single evening.

    The Rape and Pillage-Any four of the above events performed upon the same person over the course of a single evening.[/size]
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  28. Angry Dragon... while a girl is blowing you push your cock up her throat when you jizz... Her face will turn red and it'll come out her nose, like an angry dragon
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  29. Seriously, what is the subconscious desire in us that makes the idea of beating or humiliating a woman after having sex with her so goddamn hilarious?

    "I don't know, but it sure is."
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