1. wassup ARPT?

    Bill Simmons got President Obama on his podcast, just got uploaded this morning. Pretty cool shit imho. Needless to say, this is the first time a sitting President has appeared on a podcast.

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  3. This video is hilarious:

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  4. Nice title fail. Every post should count as a negative towards ARPT as punishment
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  6. wow, what a dork.




    hope that draws some attention to you.
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  7. LOL @ the sticky buddy vid, the fat lady part is the best!
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  8. NT
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  9. can we get a MOD to edit the thread title?
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  10. fixed
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  11. ...
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  12. Most likely a repost but made me chuckle:

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    Originally Posted by sean614 View Post

    Most likely a repost but made me chuckle:

    I like this version of it better

    Both are undoubtedly reposts
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  14. it's march ffs

    crawfish chili:

    great thursday going on at the vatican city. I cooked down a half pound of bacon, then cranked it and browned some 73/27 chuck in the bacon fat, then seared a couple chicken breasts in what was left. the drippings I have saved from this chili are so beautiful.

    processed down some anaheims, poblanos, bells and jalapenos with a red onion and flat leaf. sweated that in chicken stock with some garlic and then added the canned crushed tomatos, corn, white beans, scallions, soy, beer, honey, and lemon. added back the protein and let that simmer for about an hour, then cool a little. then add a little chocolate, mascarpone, some salt and heat and the Crawfish tails.

    I'm gonna add whole romas in a couple hours before we eat.
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  15. Awesome French Ad

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  16. wtf
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  17. so i got laid last thursday and i always wash my hands afterwards...this time i didnt i was going home to take a shower and said fuck it. so as im getting into my driveway my neighbor comes over and chats with me and he introduces me to his new girlfriend. wellllllll im trying to just say hello but she extends her hand so i have to shake it...i really feel like a asshole about it but i suppose its kinda funny. oops.

    Originally Posted by sean614 View Post

    This video is hilarious:

    couldnt stop laughing atthis hahaha

    Originally Posted by Glo4m View Post


    annnndddd amazing

    kesha cuts hair, replaces it with metal. lol at pop music martians. wow.
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  18. When I was five, I could sing twinkle twinkle little star.

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  19.  3
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  20. You have the right to resist arrest!


    "Citizens would have the right to resist police who unlawfully enter their residence under a bill approved 74 to 24 by the Indiana House of Representatives."
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  21. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/76...is-source-says

    The Browns have decided not to use their franchise tag on running back Peyton Hillis, according to a source familiar with the situation.Throughout the past season, Hillis has wavered about whether he wants to continue playing football, and even considered joining the CIA, according to team sources.

    wtf is wrong with this hillbilly?

    join the CIA? I know he took a few hits to the head in his time but gaddddamn
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  22. fuck me...crawfish chili! why oh why have i never thought to cook this awesomeness ? oh the poor poopers of my household now! thanks Hank!
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  23. cia wouldnt hire him, cant have him fumbling away sensitive info
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  24. and the super rare black deer. the fastest deer of them all.
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  25. lol young deer
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  27. Chrissy looking good.

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  28. Dan Marino should should die of Gonorrhea and rot in hell.

    I'm psychoville and Finkle is the Mayor.
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  29. This is pretty dope.
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